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If you ever want beautiful children you really need to watch this

11-17-2015, 09:22 PM #1
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you've been warned mouthbreathers....  Tongue  


-Humans very recently have been eating a soft low volume diet, which means less use of jaw muscles and weaker jaw muscles
-Humans very recently have been weaned off breastfeeding early, so have developed improper swallowing patterns and tongue positions
-Humans very recently have had a rise in allergies, which has led to mouth-breathing and lowered tongue position
-Human bones are very malleable, force from facial muscles and the tongue alter the shape of the bones
-All of these factors combined have led to poor form and function of the face:
-- ugly, downward growth
-- a lack of horizontal growth
-- short, receding chins
-- narrow palates
-- crowded, poorly aligned teeth
-- recessed, elongated midfaces with poor cheekbones
-- less room for the tongue, leading to snoring, sleep apnoea, general breathing problems
-- etc.
The best way to try to fix these problems if you are already affected is to ensure that the teeth are together, the lips are together and the tongue is on the roof of the mouth, as well as chewing a lot of tough foods.

you're welcome...
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Thy Unveiling
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I have always had bad eating habits. My idea of healthy eating apparently isn't as healthy as I'd thought.

I never breastfed. Was traumatized against that by Sue Johanssen. Consequently I was also traumatized against something else at the same time, but I won't get into that.

The other stuff also strikes me as bs.

My kids are gorgeous. Though tbh my son is going through a slight awkward stage, most kids do around his age, but he's still handsome. I don't make unattractive children. (Thank God!) The next one is going to be gorgeous too.

I can't credit genetics with a child's appearance, either. I've seen some unattractive people create beautiful children. I've seen pairs where one kid hit the looks lottery while the other was cursed with a lifelong issues requiring many surgeries for most of her life. I've seen gorgeous people make kids that hopefully grow into their looks.  

My apologies if I come across as shallow, vain, or cruel. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but let's face it we're in a society that first judges on looks. Even children. I've even heard adults judge children on looks (away from kids ears) like "Oh that little girl really needs her hair brushed!" Even this thread being posted is proof that somebody has looked at an infant and thought "kid looks like a gremlin..."

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

There's only one true judge and that's God; so chill and let Our Father do His job
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The Creeper
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What next one TU? Wink

Also, slightly related to the topic, eating with knives and forks effects the way the jaw sets as well. I remember reading it somewhere. The bottom row sits behind the top row because small chunks are put straight into the mouth with utensils, whereas our ancestors had the use their teeth to cut up their food.

Its amazing how what happens when you are young, or even the conditions before you are born can effect a persons entire life.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool – William Shakespear
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Not good looking people can make pretty babies. Take me for instance. 

My birth parents look like they were ran over by a truck (I don't care if I'm mean about them. They sexually abused their children) and I'm the prettiest one my egg donor popped out (at least that is what I was told xD).

I'll get a pic up later, I'm on the phone.

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Cliche and cheesy as hell, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think. Have you ever seen ancient ruins, that still to this day, the lines, the architecture, it's still just breathtaking beneath all the cracks and breaks and damage? Scars, lines, wrinkles, marks, to me at least do tell a story. I have many myself and they don't bother me. I like little quirks and offbeat things. I really do. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table I feel.

That said, this is truly interesting. I have not ever thought about diet in correlation to facial structure and stuff like that (if that's what you're getting at I think?) I will definitely watch those vids when I'm home! So thanks for sharing, that's really neat. Learn something new everyday. Smile
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This is some very interesting stuff. Oral health has always been a very serious thing with me.. I'll look at the first video later when I have time but I did see the second one and the swallowing while your tongue is pressed against your teeth seems to be something that affects the shape of your face to be misshapen. As well in effect to irregular teeth. If anything, I could be slightly different looking person. Maybe finally get that strong jawline I've always wanted.

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11-18-2015, 05:09 AM #7
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Thanks for the share.

I clearly don't need it though Cool

On a serious note, I agree with Luna - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's subjective to everyone.

I watched a documentary on Channel 4 once about people who fell in love with inanimate objects and there was man who fell in love with his Range Rover and even poked his sausage in the exhaust at night when nobody was around, there was also a man who fell in love with Eiffel Tower itself, it was proper weird but it proves that what one person might find beautiful, another may not.

Also beauty may not always come in the form of appearance.
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(11-17-2015, 10:15 PM)Thy Unveiling Wrote:  The other stuff also strikes me as bs.

you can believe that but having autistically observed people and their oral postures and breathing habits since I discovered this i've largely found it is true, the ultimate proof is actually the mew family itself...

Look at john mew, he pioneered this orthotropic research when he was an adult, so could not benefit from it sadly as his face had set.


now look at mike mew...


nigga looks like he took steroids in his face loool!!! x'D


Every Man, and every Woman is a star.
Love, Be Joyful, and Die daily...behold all opposites as necessary complements, and rejoice!
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Thy Unveiling
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Fair enough. I suppose you may be onto something. Perhaps my kids and I are just blessed with the (diluted) fairy and native blood running through our veins. Who knows?

And yes, beauty is in the eye if the beholder. Lots of girls swooned for Brad Pitt back in the day and I was like "I don't get it." But then lots of girls like big beefy musclebound fellows, yet others don't care about all that. Lots of guys like skinny girls with curves, while some prefer bbw.

I always liked little imperfections myself. They're what make us unique. Though I won't lie and pretend like looks don't play a role in attraction (for me) either. But personality wins over looks. Looks are really just a nice bonus.

Tongue @ Creeper. Little Lyric Tarikkomar

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

There's only one true judge and that's God; so chill and let Our Father do His job
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11-21-2015, 08:26 PM #10
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gonna have to do some research on this.

i've been wondering if there are ways to improve facial muscles and the effects of it on 'beauty'.
has been playing in my mind for a while if there are pinching devices that you can hold in your palm of the hand,
which then makes your (lower) arm muscles stronger which in result gives you stronger grip in the fingers,
whether there not be a manner to make you have stronger biting capability through jaw muscle excersize.

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