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Guess Which Two Countries Get 75% of US Foreign Military Aid.......

11-13-2015, 06:30 PM #1
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This is TonyVanDam and I approved the following information by TheLipTV:

SPOILER ALERT: Israel & Egypt are still receiving the combined 75% of the USA foreign aid.

Israel used it in its battles against Palestine, while Egypt used it in its battle against it own people via use of a military police state.

And to think that same 75% of USA foreign aid could've been used to save New Orleans (post-Katrina), Chicago (AKA Chiraq), & Detriot (Chapter 11 bankruptcy era).
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11-13-2015, 11:38 PM #2
The Creeper
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No surprise there. Not at all. I like to think that most people would have already known about America and Israel. Freedom is the only way, which is why it has to be forced on the rest of the world. War is peace. The American government just wants to make the world a better place. Israel has never done anything bad to anyone, depending on who you ask.

For the record. Americans are awesome. People are people no matter where you go in the world and we all deserve to be safe and happy, to love and to be loved. That is universal and exists within every soul on some level. Your Government are a bunch of assholes, but to be fair, so is mine (pretty much any government really, evil in high places indeed).

I think American dad summed up the situation pretty well.

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