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Here's a few of Gucci's latest Tweets

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Thy Unveiling
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The nicest looking products I see there are the suitcases. Everything else is ugly. Well the eye makeup was nice, I suppose.

The head in the ground was disturbing. The dude in red-what kind of top is that? Very ugly. Mohair trousers? Other than reaching above his bellybutton I suppose they look okay. I remember all the raver kids loved mohair and funfur clothing for raves, so actually seeing "mohair pants" makes me hopeful that Modrobes makes a comeback...and wide leg jeans that fit at the waist. The seatbelt-buckle-belts have been back for a while. But that red top with the dangly between the legs wtf?

Honestly, this is Gucci stuff? I always thought they were supposed to be high fashion; I didn't realize that meant it was just designed by people who are high. And wealthy people actually pay 1000s on this overpriced ugly stuff? Wtf...

Maybe I should shave the cats, glue their fur to a sack with armholes cut, and charge $1200 for it. When it sells, my rent is paid for the following month. Now where's an electric razor....
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