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Cultural symbolism, Colonization

11-10-2015, 10:36 PM #1
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Decided to start a general thread on this because the subject could be applied to so many instances that addressing the idea is particularly vague. 
Years ago, Vigilant Citizen was really where I started on realizing the impact of symbols and the roles they have in our society. I became immersed in the idea of the fact these symbols are repeated and that there was some larger agenda going on. But I always questioned why and where could we see some more tangible connections? Where I started to become skeptical was when I noticed the lack of variety in discussion of cultural symbols. (Well sometimes there was but it was often in a manner in which board members came off as christian extremist or xenophobic) 
There has been an increase of talk about issues like cultural appropriation and stereotypes in the mainstream but its often disparaged as "pc culture". I question why that is when so many people are willing to believe in all the other theories, but recognizing dynamics of colonialism means that an individual is "over sensitive" or "pc". 
 For those who love this site and recognize the importance of symbols and their influence on the masses, i would like to expand on that. I feel like its irresponsible to chalk it all up as conspiracy when there are some legitimate connections to history and ongoing systems of exploitation.
Why is hollywood so obsessed with co opting cultural symbols through acts of cultural appropriation? Everyone keeps saying that its a recent thing but its really not. Fraternities and other elite organizations have had a history of rituals that involve co opting and mocking of cultural symbols, for example dressing up as Indians (Natives, whatever identifier you prefer). This type of thing has happened since the origins of the United States. It makes sense when the founding fathers were all said to be free masons and of course their best interest was in colonizing the Americas.  More and more i realized that these power plays on symbols are always rooted in dynamics of conquest and all link back to the most powerful industries. Industries that go way back in history, and old wealth.
I will safe specifics for other threads, but I just wanted to get the thoughts on this going. I want to get a feel for other user's perceptions and insights before I expend too much more on it.  
What instances have you noticed of the elite mocking/ coopting cultural symbols and how do you see that playing into larger agendas? Looking forward to the responses.

"There is no symbolic power without the symbolism of power" -Pierre Bourdieu