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"TL:DR version:

Mom signs agreement when child is born to circumcise, but dad has to pay and have it done. In 3 years Dad never does. Dad takes mom to court to enforce this problem, despite son saying he does not want the surgery. In court, there was no GAL appointed for the child and all medical testimony was ignored. His mother went on the run and hid in a DV shelter until finally found and arrested. She signed the consent handcuffed and crying to get out of jail and regain custody. She did not regain custody.

A federal case filed on the child’s behalf was attempted, but a very biased judge led to it being dropped. A staff member of the hospital has leaked when/where the procedure is being done. What can we do? Not much I guess, except be loud assholes on the internet about it. The world is watching and they need to know that. A person had to go on the run and into hiding to protect their child from genital cutting that the child does not want IN AMERICA. Worth noting that the child also has had poor reactions to general anesthesia as well as a scarring disorder that will leave his penis mutilated — no matter what you think of circumcision — because of the scarring that is likely to occur. Dad doesn’t care. It’s about punishing mom at this point.

It’s happening at this hospital:
Facebook and twitter: JDCHospital

What the fucking fuck? Is this really America or fucking Africa? Let me go on the run with a child to protect it from cosmetic surgery it doesn’t want on it’s genitals at FOUR YEARS OLD.


More info on the hospital side from the employee who leaked everything to begin with. Take it as you will:

-Chase’s father has not actually met with Dr Birken. From what I understand from his scheduling nurses, they are being ushered in without needing to establish a new patient relationship. Thursday will be their first meeting.

-Dr Birken will cut Chase no matter what Chase says or does in office. I have worked with Dr Birken in his office before and he is a very no nonsense doctor who will do whatever he has to in order to get done what he feels should be done. He has pressured patients and parents into unnecessary or excessive procedures in the past and I have no doubt he will have Chase forcibly restrained and put under anesthesia without regard to Chase’s medical history. Birken is NOT one of the more well loved doctors in our hospital system and that he has agreed to do this does not surprise me. You WILL NOT stop this by trying to reach out to Birken’s office - but you WILL make a big difference through the hospital itself. If you can convince them that their general image will be tarnished or that they may face lawsuits they may bar Birken from taking Chase as a patient.

- have been told that comments on the Facebook page will likely start being deleted soon (within 24 hours) and that they may shut down commenting entirely.
-Despite discussing taking precautions, hospital administration does NOT think that there will be much to worry about on Thursday. They are PREPARING for the worst but I have personally heard one of the upper level admins say that they would be shocked if there were “more than one or two of those crazy, smelly hippie moms with misspelled signs whose kids are homeschooled and unvaccinated”. That comment will probably stick with me forever. It was wrong on so many levels."