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Regression movie

11-10-2015, 10:33 AM #1
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First of all, sorry for my english.

I recently came across the movie "Regression" which is about satanic cults, at least at the beggining. 

Here's the plot from imdb :

Quote:Set in Minnesota in the 1980s, Regression tells the story of a man who is arrested and accused of having sexually abused his daughter. Although he doesn't remember anything from the event, he pleads guilty. With the help of a psychologist, he'll relive those moments and eventually accuse a policeman of having participated in the crime. Meanwhile, the local media hints the possibility that everything could have been a satanic cult's doing.

Satanic cults are the main subject, but a sudden turnaround in the scenario makes them "innocent".

Exclamation Warning, spoilers ahead  Exclamation

When the father surrenders himself to police and confesses a crime he didn't do (because he thought he did it), a psychologist get him through the "regression" process, which is basically hypnosis, to make him remember his lost memories. Then he remembers raping his own daughter, satanic cults, and so on.

His daughter is living in a church where she escaped from all this.
The priest of the church seems like a fanatic, saying that the biggest achievement of the devil is to make us think he doesn't exist (which is something I believe).

The inspector investigating the case does not believe on god or devil, he thinks that some sick people are behind this. Eventually, as the case keeps going, he becomes a believer... Then he finds the brother of the abused girl, he put him also under "regression", and the brother remembers satanic cults too...

As the investigator becomes more and more hysteric, he realizes that all those memories are fake ! it becomes clear that "regression" makes false memories, and none of this is real ! The true guilty is the girl, who is "evil" (just a bad guy), and wants her family to suffer. 

In the end it appears that the brother was gay, and that the father was protecting his gay son, because religion does not admit gay people, or something like that (I admit I did not catch that part of the movie).

The ending titles of the movie indicate that no proof of satanic abuse was ever found and that regression is a method that does not work.

My opinion on this :

I think that this movie is part of an agenda. 

It says that satan does not exist, and that every victim ever of satanic abuses just made this on his mind. And that if the abuse existed, it was not satanic. Religion is depicted in a unflattering way also.

The way things are presented to us (the beggining titles are even saying that the movie is based on real events) makes us think that none of this is real.
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06-26-2016, 07:57 PM #2
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Sorry I'm so late to this, but I just watched this movie and had to come here to see if anybody posted about it. 

At first I couldn't believe they would so blatantly give away their secrets, especially with actors like Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson, who I feel are obvious entertainment pawns. It's like the first half of the movie was "them" revealing their secrets, right down to eating babies and gang stalking. I don't doubt any of it. In the second half its like they gotta discredit all the victims to keep their secrecy. Ethan Hawke suddenly solves the case magically, and despite everything that has happened, he doesn't believe any of it. Or maybe they brainwashed him when they made him one of them and he was therefore unable to see how any of it was wrong. 

I feel, overall, that the purpose of the movie was to discredit the victims and any damage done by the awareness of SRA from that time. This is obvious by the nice summarization at the end. But I wasn't convinced.
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06-26-2016, 08:10 PM #3
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Thanks for the bump, I have not heard of this film before. Sounds like it's one of those films which basically confirms the truth then makes a "powerful" statement at the end about how none of it is real.

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