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11-09-2015, 02:01 AM #1
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Really interesting film!! Like a lot of films in recent years its set in a sort of post apocalyptic kind of future although its not all dark and dismal on the surface there are many obvious problems like lack of food, infertility problems and on the verge of using technology over people and a lot of issues with transhumanism.

The main character is a woman name Gwen who seems to be a single parent whos daughter turns out to be fathered by her sisters husband so she doesnt see them any more.

Anyway Gwen looses her job and she needs money to survive and also for her daughters future education, there is nothing and the only resource she has (her eggs) would take 3 months before she would be paid so she agrees to let her memory be transferred into a younger less racially distinctive body and be the face of the company that she used to work for or something along those lines! Anyway that as far as Ive got and I think if I knew more it would only ruin it for others, it definitely is work a look!! Its on netflix and was released on there but theres probably copies of on most of the other free movie sites out there!!

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