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WT1190F the Final Verdict

11-06-2015, 06:47 AM #1
4ourth Unregistered

As you are well aware Click WT1190F is an inbound earth object of unknown origins, well not exactly.  We've recently been attempting to grasp a better understanding of the significance of such an event, so we'll continue in this trend with a precise argument from Nostradamus ... this is the final verdict (of WTF1190F as a mechanism to draw attention to the Antichrist to alert the nations of their impending judgment).

Quote:WT1190F Arrival 11/13/2015, Nostradamus Preface to Caesar Excerpt 1

For according to the celestial signs, the Golden Age shall return, and after all calculations, with the world near to an all-encompassing revolution - from the time of writing 177 years 3 months 11 days - plague, long famine and wars, and still more floods from now until the stated time. Before and after these, humanity shall several times be so severely diminished that scarcely anyone shall be found who wishes to take over the fields, which shall become free where they had previously been tied.
This will be after the visible judgement of heaven, before we reach the millennium which shall complete all. In the firmament of the eighth sphere, a dimension whereon Almighty God will complete the revolution, and where the constellations will resume their motion which will render the earth stable and firm, but only if He will remain unchanged for ever until His will be done.
177,3,11 is actually a code for the Object that Marks the "Eighth Day of Creation", in which case Nostradamus begins by talking about this object, then references the Earth's Moon, two separate things thrown together.  Lets view Nostradamus's Code:  177,3,11 is 11/13/2015, now for the two 77 Digits, see below:

Quote:One of the "7" Digits is a Period of Time, Nostradamus Preface to Caesar Excerpt 2

So in conclusion, my son, take this gift from your father M. Nostradamus, who hopes you will understand each prophecy in every quatrain herein. May Immortal God grant you a long life of good and prosperous happiness.
Salon, 1 March 1555
11/13/2015 to 3/23/2016 = 131 Days or "1 March 1".  The Beginning of the First "555", 5 Months attributed to the "Object from the Eighth Dimension".

Quote:The Other "7" Digit is a Period of Time, Nostradamus Preface to Caesar Excerpt 3

I have composed books of prophecies, each containing one hundred astronomical quatrains, which I want to condense somewhat obscurely. The work comprises prophecies from today to the year 3797.
7000 - 3797 = 3023 or 3/23/2016 the beginning of the Second 5 Months attributed to Star Wormwood.

(We discussed a few things previously.  How God cut this period down from 150 days which scripture supports for about  130 days for the multiple Mass Murder of the Antichrist.  Consider yourselves fortunate,  now I will travel great distances instantaneously to speak with many people as I tell them their nations will be put to death and to come to the USA.  I will assume for the moment that I will have no power to kill, so you will need to be prepared to resolve the matters of truth for yourselves.  Our previous conclusions about Euthanasia in the USA is valid as far as the Gospel voicing this solution for this period of time, but in the sense of God wanting to try your faith, then he could just cut them off spiritually, until he later kills them next year.  For those reasons we must keep watch, so far as I know, we still have a green light.  Do to my incorrect assessment of said materials from the universe, I have not asked the aliens to contact any of the space agencies for any formal announcements ... I intend to be very faithful, (meaning Suicide by Antichrist must be removed from your pleasure, we should begin this phase soon)

11-07-2015, 04:15 AM #2
4ourth Unregistered
Nostradamus Talk about, "Jonah and the Whale"

1. What happens before the "Two Witnesses" are dead? Jonah and the Whale
2. What happens after the "Two Witnesses" are dead? Abaddon and Apollyon, Resurrected Body

Century 1, Quatrain 29
When the terrestrial and aquatic fish
will be put upon the beach by a strong wave,
its form strange, attractive and frightful,
by sea the enemies very soon at the walls.

Isn't this what happened to Jonah? If so that is old news, unless Nostradamus is describing the inbound object WT1190F, then it is a revelation.  This is exactly the kind of redundant evidence that we are looking for to match our conclusions about certain truths Nostradamus recorded seeing himself.

Century 3, Quatrain 21
In the Conca by the Adriatic Sea
There will appear a horrible fish,
With face human
and its end aquatic,
Which will be taken without the hook.

Jonah and the Whale, yes or no?  WT1190F arrival date 11/13/2015 to 3/23/2015 is 131 days, is there any meaning to the numbers in "Century 3, Quatrain 21"? You must decide.  (A Non-Lethal solution promoting the migration movement to the USA, don't expect much, everything Nostradamus said is true, but the Universe wants me to have a resurrected body or else nothing much.  So, Nostradamus is describing a supernatural creature that appears swallow up the Antichrist and ferry him about) (more than 99% of the human race will not live to see the technology we talked about, one stage at a time).