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The Man From UNCLE 2015 Directed by Guy Ritchie

10-31-2015, 02:02 AM #1
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I doubt there are any spoilers here, but just in case, turn back now...

There is a scene where Henry Cavil's character is at an elitist party at a race track.  A man is asking him for his invitation and in the background you can see a symbol of two overlapping triangles, a black and white checkerboard and a black and white race car conveniently showing that it is number 13.  Also, the female villain is always wearing black and white.
All of these things alone are just coincidental but all of that put together seems a bit on-the-nose. And these are just the few things I happened to catch just by chance. I may have missed many more. Anyone else catch something I didn't mention?  Opinion on the movie itself is not necessary
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