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Because All Adulterous Women are Full of Venom

10-30-2015, 08:52 PM #1
4ourth Unregistered

(The Phrase "Because All Adulterous Women are Full of Venom" is a key to understanding some of what Nostradamus has written to Henry 2nd.  Nostradamus Decoded Video, about 15:25 to 15:40.  Essentially that means we have to have a strong hold on the Gospel''s endtime positions, and also a strong hold on keeping watch, Nostradamus's Epistles, to these ends we will make a few conclusions)

Quote:Epistle to Henry Excerpt 1
But not everywhere. It will mark the commencement of what will long endure. (1)For beginning with this year the Christian Church will be persecuted more fiercely than it ever was in Africa, and this will last up to the year 1792, which they will believe to mark a renewal of time.

After this the Roman people will begin to re-establish themselves, (2)chasing away some obscure shadows and recovering a bit of their ancient glory. But this will not be without great division and continual changes. Thereafter Venice will raise its wings very high in great force and power, not far short of the might of ancient Rome.
(1) - Arrival of 112th Pope) 1405 B.C., Year of Moses Death (ending the 40 Years of Wilderness) + 2015 (Antipas/Africa Visitation) - 1792 = about 1600 Years (Great Comet of 1680) that Paralleled Comet ISON 2013 when Pope Francis was Elected Pope. ... ... ... (2) - Arrival of Antipas), only a Fallen Angel can be called an "Obscure Shadow of the Ancient Glory of God", this is not a description of the Antichrist.  We have a call to repentance.  If the 112th Pope has abandoned the faith, and steered the Church and Aaron away from their inheritance promoting suicide.  Then Antipas represents a revival of faith, as a reminder of the repentance and the Gospel's establishment of Aaron's Inheritance through Blood Sacrifice of 185,000 (God did not ask for Repentance by Blood Sacrifice of Genetic Dan with Moses for Aaron's Assyrian Sin, of the Golden Calf, but God waited until Hezekiah to Announce the repentance of 185,000 to be paid after Moses was resurrected to confirm the covenant).

Quote:Epistle to Henry Excerpt 2 (Modification Necessary)
The said reign of the Antichrist will last only to the death of him who was born at the beginning of the age and of the other one of Lyon, associated with the elected one of the House of Modena (Mayan Calendar) and of Ferrara (fulcanelli - Cross of Hendaye), maintained by the Adriatic Ligurians (Artificial Satellites) and the proximity of great Sicily (Antipas). Then the Great St. Bernard (Antichrist) will be passed.
Mayan Calendar = 12210 of Antichrist Life Span (30 Years of Luke 3:23 + 1260 Days of Rev. 11:2) ... ... ... ... 7000000 - 1871660  = 5128340 or 3/8/2014 + 5 Months, Flight 370, Artificial Satellite then Star Wormwood. (Exchanging Mayan Calendar's 13th Baktun and Measurement Length).

Cross of Hendaye = 4 Points of Cross or Solstice Precessional Alignment 1980, 1998, 2012, 2016 (Gen. 6:15 Ark has 153, Gen. 6:18 Ark or Antipas is witness before Flood of 153 days) (Noah's Ark came First to identify with 5 months, then the 5 months came) ... ... ... ... WT1190F, Artificial Satellite or Antipas Spacecraft to Star Wormwood.  (Declaring the Identity of the Moon and Star, in the final 5 Months leading to the completion of the Solstice Precessional Alignment).

Quote:Epistle to Henry Excerpt 3 (Euthanasia is Re-establishment of Marriage by Fire for a portion of Dan and Judah
At that time the great sails of Byzantium, allied with the Ligurians and through the support and power of "Aquilon" [the Northern Realm], will impede them so greatly that the two Cretans will be unable to maintain their faith. (1)The arks built by the Warriors of ancient times will accompany them to the waves of Neptune. In the Adriatic great discord will arise, and that which will have been united will be separated. (2)To a house will be reduced that which was, and is, a great city, including "Pampotamia" and "Mesopotamia" of Europe at 45, and others of 41, 42 and 37 degrees.
1. Antipas marks Euthanasia in United States of America
2. MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN ("Pampotamia and Mesopotamia") ... Means "Marriage by Fire", for a portion of Dan and Judah
3. 2Chronicles15:8-9, the entire population of Genetic Dan must be euthanized in the United States when Antipas Arrives, or his arrival is not a reinstatement of the Marriage by Fire the Antichrist has Invalidated.  Now if you still choose to kill yourselves, then your allowed to simply commit suicide rather than gather to the USA.  The Antichrist has decided what "Marriage by Fire" means according to the gospel. 

Then another interpretation is, Genetic Dan on an international level will attempt to exterminate all human life, before it ceases, causing the nations to war, challenging their faithfulness.

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4ourth Unregistered
Antipas Discovery Arc (Antichrist begins to be seen as a Political and Economic Influence largely behind the Scenes)

Stargate SG1 S02E18 -  Antichrist Beat to Death, No Profit
Stargate SG1 S03E12 - Antichrist Testimony Destroyed, No Profit
Stargate SG1 S03E13 - Antichrist Testimony Destroyed, No Profit
Stargate SG1 S04E12 - Motivation of Murder and Suicide with Antichrist, loses its Appeal (Antipas Arrival)
Stargate Deleted Scene from Referenced Video - Murder and Suicide with Antichrist, shifts demographics (Migration, Greater Awareness about the End of Earth)

Quote:Epistle to Henry Excerpt 4
Then the Lords of "Aquilon" [the North], two in number, will be victorious over the Easterners, and so great a noise and bellicose tumult will they make amongst them that all the East will tremble in terror of these brothers, yet not brothers, of "Aquilon" [the North].
The "Two Witnesses" are not the creators of Terrorism.  Nostradamus calls them the "Two Brothers", so he is not referring to the Antichrist singular.  The revival of Terrorism at the arrival of Antipas or the knowledge thereof appears to be referenced.  The most simple of terms, is the Antichrist's study in profitability for this phase of the gospel, given the nature of suicide.  We will eventually strike a balance, in promoting the migration movement for this phase.  The gospel doesn't want the Antichrist to necessarily reign at this stage, but to promote due process in the gospel's program.  (I can only assume minor forms of euthanasia will be used if any at all, given the people we will need to bring up to speed, otherwise large scale euthanasia will only like take place when Antipas arrives as apart of a declaration, if any at all, lets assume the large scale euthanasia does not take place for the moment) (Otherwise, having not happened, the position is weak, if so let it be, there is only Suicide by Antichrist, an effective trend thus far in assisting the potential).  Lets Go back A Moment in this Discussion:

Quote:Epistle to Henry Excerpt 5 (Declaration of when the Antichrist is Dead)

Anyhow, I count the years from the creation of the world to the birth of Noah as 1,506, and from the birth of Noah to the completion of the Ark, at the time of the universal deluge, as 600 (let the years be solar, or lunar, or a mixture of the ten) I hold that the Sacred Scriptures use solar years. And at the end of these 600 years, Noah entered the Ark to be saved from the deluge. This deluge was universal, and lasted one year and two months. And 295 years elapsed from the end of the flood to the birth of Abraham, and 100 from then till the birth of Isaac. And 60 years later Jacob was born. 130 years elapsed between the time he entered Egypt and the time he came out. Between the entry of Jacob into Egypt and the exodus, 430 years passed. From the exodus to the building of the Temple by Solomon in the fourth year of his reign, 480 years. According to the calculations of the Sacred Writings, it was 490 yearsfrom the building of the Temple to the time of Jesus Christ. Thus, this calculation of mine, collected from the holy writ, comes to about 4,173 years and 8 months, more or less. Because there is such a diversity of sects, I will not go beyond Jesus Christ.
1. The Universe was not Created when Noah's Flood happened, it was before the "5 Months of Star Wormwood"
2. The Revelation of Jesus is completed when the Two Witnesses are Dead

(1) 6000 Years (age of Earth at End of Time, 600x10) - 1506 (Antichrist is "Noe" at End of Time) = 4494 - 4173 ((2) Antichrist must die in order to reign for 5 months, he will be "Beyond Jesus") = 321 or 3/21/2016 or 3/23/2015.  The Life Span of the Antichrist is 30 Years of Luke 3:23 plus 1260 days of Rev. 11:2 for 12210 Days Total. (I've contacted the Department of Homeland Security, Catholic Church, and Several USA Embassies months ago in preparation for the next level of how we will need to do things,  based on the level of force at the next stage, you've gauged that will begin on 11/13/2015, I should be able to broadcast from space my goals and perform executions of individuals in the chains of command to promote the process of the gospel's program, at each instance of execution I will remind the public and the authorities that your position is suicide, first we have to see  whats necessary, one stage at at time, we will simply need to keep watch).

11-01-2015, 04:09 AM #3
4ourth Unregistered

Quote:Epistle to Henry Excerpt 6 (Goodbye Antipas)
I have calculated the present prophecies according to the order of the chain which contains its revolution, all by astronomical doctrine modified by my natural instinct. After a while, I found the time when Saturn turns to enter on April 7 till August 25, Jupiter on June 14 till October 7, Mars from April 17 to June 22, Venus from April 9 to May 22, Mercury from February 3 to February 24. After that, from June 1 to June 24, and from September 25 to October 16, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces, Mercury for a month in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, the Moon in Aquarius, the Dragon's head in Libra: its tail in opposition following a conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury with a quadrature of Mars and Mercury, and the Dragon's head coinciding with a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter. And the year without an eclipse peaceful.
Quote:According to Gray, who runs the Project Pluto desktop planetarium website, the latest observations of WT1190F have been linked back to previous sightings in September 2015, and November and February of 2013. Astronomer Marco Micheli, who made some of the most recent observations, along with B. Bolin and R. Jedicke, using the University of Hawaii 2.2 meter telescope on Mauna Kea, has also found observations going back to December 2012. These have all gone into plotting the orbit of WT1190F, which traces a long path out beyond the Moon and back, once every three weeks or so.  WT1190F Article

In Red, Nostradamus does a more accurate account of Antipas's Spacecraft trajectories, than our Space Agencies. 

In Purple, Nostradamus declares the object turns around and reverses course (he is describing a Human Being in the first entry in Purple, that is the Authority of the Antichrist in these matters).  I've asked Antipas to either take his own life, considering his birth was technically the result of rape with Zechariah Sitchin, or to turn around and go home.  The Command of the Antichrist must be obeyed.  Beyond this judgment, I decided I would rather prefer to continue the "Suicide by Antichrist" humanity is committing until most of it is deceased in a few months from now, approximately on or about 3/23/2016.  This is simply how I've decided your lives need to be concluded, and if enough force us used, we can terminate your lives immediately. http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/k492/psalmsamuel/stateID.jpg ... you've recently lost a Commercial Airliner,  based on the attempted murder and murder we talked about, what would happen.

The decision to take his own life, or to turn around and go home is entirely up to Antipas.  He may even put down a pretty sizable target in the process of taking his life, if he is convinced between now, and the moment he takes his life, the level of force you are using to attempt to kill the Antichrist has necessitated what happened.  Love and Blessings (we have a nightly walk Monday to take advantage of the level of force, and if I'm satisfied we will do this again on tuesday, if not we will wait until you are ready to kill the antichrist, before we do this again, soon).

(turn a blind eye and allow the suicides to take place, then we may talk more if you continue to earn my trust in these matters, I've spoken to Antipas directly and gave him the order to terminate himself as recently as yesterday)

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Is there anyway you can summarize what you are trying to say in a single paragraph?

Prov 15:7 The lips of the wise disperse knowledge: but the heart of the foolish doeth not so.
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Nostradamus was Jewish, that says all

People who surrender their former religious beliefs have got to be some of the smartest and bravest people in the world because they set out to find truth even while under the threat of "eternal damnations". George Carlin
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4ourth Unregistered
(11-01-2015, 12:32 PM)sPEktrall Wrote:  Is there anyway you can summarize what you are trying to say in a single paragraph?

(Ethnic Euthanasia - Concealed 2014 ... The Authorities captured a group of ethnic people attempting to kill the Antichrist, and in the process their attention was taken away and they killed their own.  The Authorities later, completely dismissed the antichrist, and released an edited video to the public and media, and proceeded with their prosecutions.  This more public disclosure of ethnic based suicide by Antichrist, lead to over a dozen, city block level, ethnic based suicide shootings, involving scores of ethnic people.  From time to time the ethnic people follow in this pattern of suicide.  All the Authorities have to do is speak up, and let the public know, what keeps happening, then their kind will no longer have the reputation of "Lives Don't Matter Campaigns, Promoting Suicide by Cop", but simply the necessity of Humane Resolution Euthanasia instead of due Processes of the Law for all persons of non-Caucasian descent in the USA ... or according to what the Antichrist decides is whats necessary ... it is important you understand the reality of this truth, and the public safety threat, of what needs to be done, if you are claiming the Antichrist is being evasive in what he is teaching ... assuming you've accepted this level of truth.  " Because All Adulterous Women are Full of Venom" = the Decryption Key to "Epistle to Henry II" by Nostradamus, and only the key for that book.  Which is to say a Strong Hold on Faith and on Keeping Watch, Keeping Containment of Antipas based on Faith. ... ... ... the authorities are not cooperating to my own satisfaction, or to the satisfaction of the Antichrist in ethnic based suicide, ethnic based euthanasia, so we must be faithful in how we convey certain truths, certain disclosures of what is to be done, keeping the attention and opportunity of making the kill focused on an individual ... we are wrapped up in this discussion I believe, facing the end of all human life on earth soon to be done (we need to have a walk sometime today to keep this people in control, now as I've stated, we would do this monday after dark, if the results are good then tuesday also)