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Slain Detroit rapper predicts death & saw grim reaper

10-30-2015, 07:21 PM #1
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Detroit rapper Dex Osama was murdered last month & I have yet to see any coverage on tv/social media. He made a song "Death on Me" which was a premonition & claimed there was another voice on the track but it wasnt his. He wasnt afraid to talk about it, or the fact that he felt death around him.  This music industry really is dark. Click here for Dex Osama article & interview

11-02-2015, 05:48 AM #2
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Actually there was media coverage, channel 7 reported it. http://www.wxyz.com/news/1-dead-after-sh...in-detroit (WXYZ is the local ABC affiliate) 

I heard about the shooting when it happened but didn't think much of it. Crazy Horse doesn't exactly have the...ahem...classiest crowd and fights/shootings happen all the time around that area. Definantly not the first one at that club. Southwest Detroit is pretty rough; I used to live there. 

Interesting find with that song though. From what I understand he was more of local talent so that's probably why the news didn't go national.

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11-07-2015, 06:10 AM #3
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they mess with the mind. damage the mind. and get you into problems.
drug trafficking doubles that [ they get you into drug scenes loaded with crazy people ] .

doesn't even neccesarily have to be hard drugs, even.

i knew a guy who  smokes marijuana on a daily base and at a certain point took way too much alcohol
and smoked way too much marijuana on a single evening, combined even, and he dropped to the ground and
had a seizure and a psychosis. His brain's fried ever since and is highly delusional. has to take pills and stuff, lived in a home for people that need asistance for a while.
Came to a point where he could live on his own again. Idiot bought marijuana and alcohol again and binged his way into the same cause that fried his greymatter before.
He lost it completely, went out on the streets in the middle of the night completely stoned like a shrimp and stone-cold killed a guy that supposedly told him to walk on the street not the road neighbours said he ran to him screaming that he's the full hollow redeemer of death (he liked a japanese anime hollow itchybang or something like that) and he mashed his face open and screamed his name is merciless, the punisher of evil. before police could arrive he took the same blade he killed the guy with and yelled some stuff of taking the sins of the soul, took off his shirt, and took the knife and slid it through his left arm all the way to his chest, and went down to his abdomen, and then collapsed and died on the scene.

turned out later he wasn't only on marijuana and alcohol but actually had another drug in his body. can't remember which.

moral of the story;

drugs. they mess you up.

just because somebody is saying 'the devil made me do it' does not mean one actually was under demonic or satanic influence. Well, 'satanical' thoughts perhaps, but don't underestimate the damage drugs and other mind-altering materials can do with the brain.

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