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Alabama Version of 'Skull and Bones' Publicly Exposed

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"The fabled Skull and Bones society is the stuff of lore at Yale University. Harvard University has Final Clubs, known as a grooming place for the rich and powerful.
In Tuscaloosa, a group called "The Machine" may not rise to Ivy League heights of prestige or mystique. But it's a powerful force at the University of Alabama, functioning within the shadows of what is billed as the largest community of fraternities and sororities on a U.S. college campus."

People who surrender their former religious beliefs have got to be some of the smartest and bravest people in the world because they set out to find truth even while under the threat of "eternal damnations". George Carlin
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Is it ironic that the S&B wannabe group is called The Machine?
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Student government President Elliot Spillers — an independent elected without the support of the Machine — praised Smith for being brave enough to go public.

"She truly spoke truth to power," Spillers said. 

"Even if no one joins me, even if people who once spoke to me turn their backs on me, even if no one whose mind can be changed reads this article, I won't regret writing it," Smith wrote. "Because I'm finally doing the right thing. I'm finally free."
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