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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

10-30-2015, 09:02 AM #1
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Well, it's common knowledge for those who have actually done any sort of research into the issue.

In essence the video highlights that addictive tendencies stem from the need to anesthetize one to their surroundings, rather than the nature of the chemicals themselves. This is obviously quite a simplistic overview, so watching the video would be better. It highlights why it's ridiculous to attack so called drug/addiction offenders in society (I would argue this applies to most, if not all, criminal acts), rather than working on addressing the conditions that have brought them about.

Quote:What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-selling book 'Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.' For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to http://www.chasingthescream.com
Good post nabbed from Reddit (of course):

  • "In the year 2000, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe. One percent of the population was addicted to heroin, which is kind of mind-blowing, and every year, they tried the American way more and more. They punished people and stigmatized them and shamed them more, and every year, the problem got worse.

  • And one day, the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition got together, and basically said, look, we can't go on with a country where we're having ever more people becoming heroin addicts. Let's set up a panel of scientists and doctors to figure out what would genuinely solve the problem. And they set up a panel led by an amazing man called Dr. João Goulão, to look at all this new evidence, and they came back and they said,

  • "Decriminalize all drugs from cannabis to crack, but" -- and this is the crucial next step -- "take all the money we used to spend on cutting addicts off, on disconnecting them, and spend it instead on reconnecting them with society."

  • And that's not really what we think of as drug treatment in the United States and Britain. So they do residential rehab, they do psychological therapy, that does have some value. But the biggest thing they did was the complete opposite of what we do:

  • a massive program of job creation for addicts, and microloans for addicts to set up small businesses. So say you used to be a mechanic. When you're ready, they'll go to a garage, and they'll say, if you employ this guy for a year, we'll pay half his wages. The goal was to make sure that every addict in Portugal had something to get out of bed for in the morning. And when I went and met the addicts in Portugal, what they said is, as they rediscovered purpose, they rediscovered bonds and relationships with the wider society."

  • "It'll be 15 years this year since that experiment began, and the results are in: injecting drug use is down in Portugal, according to the British Journal of Criminology, by 50 percent, five-zero percent. Overdose is massively down, HIV is massively down among addicts. Addiction in every study is significantly down. One of the ways you know it's worked so well is that almost nobody in Portugal wants to go back to the old system."
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You would think it's common sense.. Love what Portugal did
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Yup, surely physical addiction also exist, but it is more consequence than the real reason. When you admit to yourself that you have issues, and dig deeper to understand why do you need constantly escape your grey reality in one way or another, and when you start fight reasons not consequences, addiction becomes fairly easy to beat. I find it out the hard way, also im still smoking, but i have long list of defeated addictions.
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