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Gotham TV Series - Deprave any morals left!

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As a Batman 'fan' (well, not really the Joel Schumacher ones, though Riddler was amazing, but rather the actual comics and the Nolan and Snyder universe ones), i was invited into the 'Gotham' TV series after catching it taking a long-distance flight. There were 2 episodes aired on board, and i decided to check upon the entire series afterwards.
so here is my verdict.............



For anybody who's into 'Batman', 'The Joker' and all around that, offcourse the idea of having
a regular TV series regarding it's main location of play would come as a welcome piece of entertainment.
What better place then a 'noir' city as has been 'invented' in the 'Batman universe' called 'Gotham'.
A city once with a bright, futuristic aim, fallen into decadence and corruption, 'owned' by the mafia.

A TV series on this platform would offer an exciting new and refreshing start into the batman universe,
with loads of potential on untouched stories, grounds and the possibility of witnessing the 'rise of power'
of key villains in the Batman storyline.
At first notice, that would be exactly what one would expect, when being informed the series would revolve
around the adventures of a young police officer "James Gordon", long before his encounters and cooporation
with the vigilante "Batman".

Unfortunately, the serie is but a weak, lame and incoherent cop-drama which trashes quality television even
further to the sewers - bar it from the occasional exceptions.

There's a major problem from the get-go with the 'Gotham' TV series; it doesn't make any sense and it's cringeworthy.
It starts with a child catwoman - which obviously immediately completely writes off the canon catwoman storyline,
which acts way to overdone and thus messy, and has obviously been (mis)cast because of her slight resemblance to
Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman - supposedly witnessing the murder of Bruce Wayne's parent's in an alley. A situation
that has been portrayed incredibly weak with no sense of realism for a billionaire family in the kind of alley they
were located in. Unfortunately, this 'prelude' grows stronger with every single character introduced; no batman
villain has been excluded from being pushed into the series with a corny and unfitting 'villain x begins' theme.

It would be somewhat acceptable if they kept a base to the actual canon characterisation, but instead, the entire
character palette of the Batman universe gets a weird twist. Take Gordon's future wife, Barbara, for example.
They start as some sort of rich couple and as time goes by she turns out being bisexual and cheating on Gordon with
her famale ex-lover, whom happens to be of a MCU unit close to the GCPD. Later, she turns totally crazy, kills her
parents, tries to kill Gordon's new bimbo (he couldn't keep his private parts without booty for more than 2 episodes)
and Gordon kinda gets owned too. It's just one of the many twisted weird plots which make no sense at all.

Despite that, there actually is some good stuff in the show though. Though his rise to power comes way too easy and
he's having a way too prominent role, the actor portraying 'The Penguin' actually does quite a decent job on a early
portrayal of the villain. The actor playing Don Falcone sets a marvellous job, as quite the likeable character. This
actually is one of the big bads of the show, but in the charactarisation it's kinda destructive too: This kingpin
mobster should be a cold, untouchable arrogant scumbag, but he isn't at all. Atleast, that's not how he's being
portrayed. Another thoroughly impressive character is that of 'Jerome'. Any fan will immediately recognise he's no
less than a portrayal of the Joker - and a quite good one at that. Somehow he is able to play a 'juvenile' clown prince
of crime, already psychopathic, with an amazing laugh and quite frankly, a very impressive portrayal of a Heath Ledger
style joker. Unfortunately, he's killed off in the series. And offcourse, he has a name and starts way too early. And
his origin story is completely wrong from canon.

The problem with 'Gotham' however is worsened if you really look at it from a distance. It's not just a load of crap,
and it doesn't only completely 'rape' the sound and strong 'Batman' canon - it's a further toxification of the portrayal
of moral codes and life in general.

You see, marriage, or 'loyalty' within a relationship is completely blown to bits, and in the series, it's ok! Again,
Barbara has a bisexual love affair with her female ex-partner, never seemed to end it well, then leaves her boyfriend,
only to return into engaging in lesbian sexual affairs with the same ex-partner. In the meantime, Gordon, after just
1 or 2 episodes, after just freshly getting dumped by his lover - at whom he kept a secret, lied about it, and did not
want to open up and i guess that should be ok somehow? - meets a new hottie, and after just 2 meets, goes out for a date,
and then they're lovers and get the hump on. So far for 'loyalty' and 'morals' and 'respect'. And the series doesn't even
try to make it look bad - instead, it's a good thing!

Oh, about that 'secret' - our supposed 'uncorruptable cop' has the help of a partner cop whom is actually quite corrupt.
as in deeply corrupt. But hey, let's take down everything except your own crooked cop buddy. Ah yes, and then he has to
show the mob his 'alliance' by killing a guy who made a mistake (penguin). He kinda does a good thing there - he actually
doesn't kill him but acts a kill and gets away with it. Good cop! except within no time they frame somebody for the murder
of Bruce Wayne's parents whom wasn't actually the killer.
They know it and they never touch it again. It doesn't take long before Gordon gets caught in the web of corruption and
well, after a couple of episodes, it's kinda clear on how deeply corrupt gotham is; Gordon and everybody is somehow crooked
and does things quite how it really shouldn't.

I won't bore more with character storylines, except for the end of the first season, where James Gordon kinda ends up as being
buddies with Don Falcone, the ubermobster kingpin, and he gets a trophy pushed in his hands, a knife that belonged to James' father, whom supposedly also was a buddy of Don Falcone. And Don Falcone simply up and leaves Gotham, to live a quiet comfortable life outside of gotham, in a nice cosy place, as he's supposedly had enough of kill and murder @ Gotham (mind you, he just killed a beautiful girl whom was sent in as a mole, whom resembled his mother and he kinda had the loves for ).
Lesson: It's cool being a mass-murdering mobster that has no problem having people killed and tortured in the most brutal and
disgusting manners, making loads of millions, so when at some point it gets a little hot on your tails, you just say farewell to crime as if that makes up for everything and take retirement into the woods and live happily ever after.


Gotham; further destroying any decent morality left in today's civilisation by supposed 'entertainment'.
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