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Ancient Egypt

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Robert Baird
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So little is known (on the web or in schools) about Egypt during the time when the Sahara was a grassland. Even thousands of years later in the 7,000 BCE era we have almost nothing at places which should offer a clue as to who built the Pyramids and what happened to the advanced agricultural methods which disappeared for a millennium. Here is about the earliest this site offers us insight into.

 "Badarian Culture

 The Badarian people lived in Upper Egypt, on the eastern bank of the Nile, from approximately 5000 BC to 4400 BC. Though they were a semi-nomadic people, they formed small settlements and began to cultivate grain and domesticate animals.

 {The burial method is rudimentary and similar to what Neanderthals did at Mt. Hebron 80,000 years before this. Is it OK to just run off at the mouth as if the site is talking about origins when it gives nothing about where the people originated? Did they not read Flinders-Petrie who talks about a more sophisticated language than hieroglyphics in the Sahara long before this?}

 "They buried their dead in small cemeteries on the outskirts of these settlements, and also conducted ceremonial burials for some of their domesticated animals. Although the graves themselves were simple, the deceased was buried with fine ceramics, jewellery, cloth and fur, and they usually included a finely crafted figurine of a female fertility idol. They did not mummify their dead, instead burying them in a foetal position, facing west (towards the setting sun)."


The work done by the Egypt Exploration Fund was destructive and biased but Flinders-Petrie tried to do a good job despite the obvious Christian agenda which gradually lead wealthy donors to find better ways to support research into archaeology. You get some inkling of the problems in this book (partially viewable) about Flinders-Petrie.


 Thanks to Leon Levy

 This article gets a lot right about Zahi Hawass.
Though the article has disappeared you can find the facts about Hawass being a fraud in league with the sister of Hosni Mubarak.

This article goes back to the second millennium BPE and gives insight to a reformation and amalgamation of Mystery Schools which Rosicrucians will be seen to claim is their Christian origin. It was just another in a long line of naming and claiming far more ancient knowledge.


 The Phoenician or Irish Cultural Age (according to Masonic linguist Connor MacDari) language schools understood the magic of words and symbols better than we do today. The Phoenicians (trans. followers of the Irish King Finn and his Fianna) are the mythological Atlanteans and much more from myth is attributable to them. The Father of Biblical Archaeology says the Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy. All the languages of the Mediterranean came from the Phoenicians and I draw a connection to Peru and other places in the thread Ogham and Aymara. The Red-Headed League of Megalith Builders are Phoenicians and it now seems possible that the DNN or Ainu did genetic interbreeding with Denisovan Man and Neanderthal to make those red-heads. The Great Pyramid of Iesa and the whole Giza Plateau was constructed by these arch-tectons (see Septuagint showing the family of Jesus by this name).

 In this site and link you will see how the myth begins and more evidence of what I say.

 "THE ISLAND OF ATLANTIS was a mythical realm of the far West which was sunk beneath the ocean by the gods to punish the people for their immorality.

 The name "Atlanteans" was also given by the Greeks to the Phoenician colonies along the Barbary Coast of North Africa (i.e. around Mount Atlas). Diodorus Siculus describes their Titan-mythology and wars with the Libyan Amazones. Plato may have the same nation in mind, since he names the second Atlantian king Gadeiros after a famous Phoenician colony near the Straits of Gibraltar."
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Robert Baird
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Rosslyn Castle is connected to the Da Vinci Code as any viewer of the movie knows. The St. Clairs and Sinclairs are at or near the top of the food chain claimed by the likes of Nicholas De Vere of the Dragon Court. They do like to feature my writings and here is another.

Alpha Galates and Pierre Plantard De St. Clair


by Robert Baird ... Here is a little about their 'Atlantean' organization to ponder. ... voices his belief in an esoteric spiritual tradition that originated in Atlantis…

It is not my belief that it originated in Atlantis. I have been calling Atlantis a myth for as long as I can recall. But when a word has common usage sometimes you allow that to creep into a discourse. I was quoting others in the article he refers to and disseminates.