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Mail bombs lay ruin to Chinese county as 7 killed, dozens injured in 17 sites....

10-01-2015, 07:41 AM #1
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Looks like China is sitting on a huge powder keg:


"Bombs hidden in courier parcels delivered to various locations across a county in Guangxi province exploded yesterday, killing at least seven and injuring dozens ahead of the seven-day National Day holiday.
The blasts occurred at the seat of Liucheng county, in the city of Liuzhou, and its surrounding areas, with the first bang heard at around 3.50pm, state media Xinhua reported. Five people died at the scene.
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continuation of a specific multipart fire ritual in relation to one of the four end time beasts (who are angelic 'top leaders' ('working together with' human 'top leaders'). or simply put - human blood for non human power. or very simply put - you will most likely (and hopefully) live to witness China delivering a whole bunch of surprise packages to the world (and especially to the USA) in a not too distant future. China is not a land of sabre rattlers. China has not created and maintained to not use what's there.