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Sir William Crookes and Metaphysics

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Robert Baird
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The quality of threads here is so bad it makes me wonder if anyone knows how to THINK!

If I am passionate about psychic or spiritual reality a little too much for your liking - you may not like to read what this man has to say about our thread's title character's critical me-too thinkers.

You may have heard about the media coverage of the Wright Brother's flight and how it took three years before Scientific American stopped trying to debunk it. You may already know about the early 20th Century Patent Office Official who declared 'everything that could be discovered was discovered'. You may even know about the Paris Academy of Sciences official who throttled the presenter of the phonograph claiming he was a ventriloquist. These things are funny in a way, but they are not unusual. Unfortunately you are going to have to think if you read this book. You will have to ask yourself how stupid we have been to allow a lot of lies to pass for truth.

Sir William Crookes - Generalist Deemed Weird:

"The Chemist Sir William Crookes Proved Survival With Repeatable Experiments Under Laboratory Conditions - by Michael Roll

Adrian Berry, the science correspondent of The Daily Telegraph, says that few subjects more infuriate scientists than claims of paranormal phenomena, because if confirmed, "the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

This statement is not correct because nothing can threaten science - the Latin name for seeking after knowledge. The only thing that is threatened by uncomfortable discoveries in physics are pseudo-scientists. Their reputations will be destroyed immediately ordinary people find out that Sir William Crookes proved that we all survive the death of our physical bodies with repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions.

Following this revolutionary discovery in 1874 this outstanding British scientist was knighted, made President of the Royal Society, and King Edward VII gave him the highest decoration in the land - The Order of Merit.

Sir William Crookes was able to wipe the floor with contemporary professional wreckers who dared to attack him. The following is how he dealt with Professor W.B. Carpenter, a biologist from London University, who made a very unfair and anonymous attack upon him in the 'Quarterly Review'. Carpenter had been unfortunate enough to describe Crookes as "a specialist of specialists".

'My greatest crime (he wrote in his reply to Carpenter's diatribe in the 'Quarterly Journal of Science') seems to be that I am a 'specialist of specialists'. It is indeed news to me that I have confined my attention only to one special subject. Will my reviewer kindly say what that subject is? Is it General Chemistry, whose chronicler I have been since the commencement of the Chemical News in 1859? Is it Thallium, about which the public have probably heard as much as they care for? Is it Chemical Analysis, in which my recently published Select Methods are the result of twelve years work?

Is it disinfection and the 'Prevention and Cure of Cattle Plague', my published report on which may be said to have popularized Carbolic Acid?

Is it Photography, on the theory and practice of which my papers have been very numerous? Is it Metallurgy of Gold and Silver, in which my discovery of the value of Sodium in the amalgamation process in now largely used in Australia, California and South America?

Is it Physical Optics, in which department I have space only to refer to papers of some Phenomena of Polarized Light, published before I was twenty one; to my detailed description of the Spectroscope and labours with this instrument, when it was almost unknown in England; to my papers on the Solar and Terrestrial Spectra; to my examination of the Optical Phenomena of Opals, and construction of the Spectrum Microscope; to my papers on the Luminous Intensity of Light; and my description of my Polarization Photometer?

Or is it my speciality Astronomy and Meteorology, in as much as I was for twelve months at the Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, where, in addition to my principal employment of arranging the meteorological department, I divided my leisure between Homer and Mathematics at Magdelen Hall, Planet-hunting and transit tracking with Mr. Pogson, now Principal of the Madras Observatory, and celestial photography with the magnificent heliometer attached to the Observatory? My photographs of the Moon, taken in 1855, at Mr. Hartnup's Observatory, Liverpool, were for years the best extant, and I was honoured by a money grant from the Royal Society to carry out further work in connection with them. These facts, together with my trip to Oran last year, as one of the Government Eclipse Expedition, and the invitation recently received to visit Ceylon for the same purpose, would almost seem to show that Astronomy was my speciality. In truth, few scientific people are less open to the charge of being a 'specialist of specialists'.'

There is a vast conspiracy to make sure exciting scientific discoveries never come to the attention of the general public. Genuine scientists are banned from supporting the work of Sir William Crookes in the press and on every radio and television programme that is made on the so-called paranormal. People are only allowed access to the views of "experts" who can be relied upon to play the Establishment game - suppress anything that could embarrass the orthodox scientists who hold the reins of power.

Nobody is allowed to balance the opinions and conclusions of these self-styled experts on the "paranormal". These professional wreckers have unrestricted access to all media outlets, while my colleagues and I have been refused permission to write and broadcast by almost every editor and producer that we have approached. The British people are not allowed to hear the secular scientific case for survival after death in this "free" country of ours!

Recent discoveries in subatomic physics confirm that Sir William Crookes was correct in his conclusions, and that he was not a liar, cheat, crank, a fraud or a sex maniac as we have been criminally led to believe. His only "crime" was to tell the truth." (1)

"Scientists have studied the evolution, the mechanisms and the function of the brain, but have difficulty teasing apart the complex processes that give rise to human consciousness in part because of the difficulty in measuring individual subjective experience.

Nobel-award winning researcher Dr. Francis Crick, who devoted the last 15 years of his life to the study of consciousness, wrote the following in his foreword to Christof Koch's The Quest for Consciousness: A Neurobiological Approach:

"Solving the problem of consciousness will need the labors of many scientists, of many kinds, though it is always possible that there will be a few crucial insights and observations. ... A few years ago one could not use the word 'consciousness' in a paper, for, say, Nature or Science, nor in a grant application. But thankfully, times are changing, and the subject is now ripe for intensive exploration."

In fact, technological advances in brain imaging have given scientists a new range of tools to more accurately observe and measure the apparent causes and manifestations of consciousness. fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) produces vivid images of the areas of the brain that respond to a variety of stimuli. Instead of trying to measure a purely subjective response, such as "that made me feel good," scientists can also see what part of the subject's brain is responding, for how long, and to what degree.

Many scientists believe that we are beginning to learn how a subjective, personal experience can be observed objectively. For the scientist, this makes all the difference between valid research and speculation.

In addition to major scientific publications, such as Science and Nature, the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition reports scientific research relative to the study of consciousness and cognitive processes. Trends in Cognitive Sciences also often features research bearing on the question of consciousness. And the Journal of Consciousness Studies contains a wide variety of reflections by academic scholars and researchers in anatomy, computation, physiology, psychology, artificial intelligence, religion, philosophy and more."


What happens when psychic surgeons and faith healers like the minister who healed Evander Holyfield who had been barred from boxing? Energy is at work - but how? Is there consciousness in every atomic constituent or only in the god particle or quark, maybe it isn't consciousness in atomic components that healers attune with and it is just their mind. But how do average people heal themselves and their loved ones so often?

"In an interview in 1989 at the Nils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, where Bohm presented his views, Bohm spoke on his theory of wholeness and the implicate order. The conversation centered around a new worldview that is developing in part of the Western world, one that places more focus on wholeness and process than analysis of separate parts. Bohm explained the basics of the theory of relativity and its more revolutionary offspring, quantum theory. Either theory, if carried out to its extreme, violates every concept on which we base our understanding of reality. Both challenge our notions of our world and ourselves.

He cited evidence from both theories that support a new paradigm of a more interrelated, fluid, and less absolute basis of existence, one in which mind is an active participant. 'Information contributes fundamentally to the qualities of substance.' He discussed forms, fields, superconductivity, wave function and electron behavior. 'Wave function, which operates through form, is closer to life and mind...The electron has a mindlike quality.'" (3)

Was Crookes actually just another dupe of spiritualists? Conan Doyle, Michael Faraday or William James and his fellow Golden Dawn members including most of the best scientific minds of the 19th C. might disagree. He was a President of the Royal Society which I say is a Stuart Royal outreach that created the Enlightenment Experiment and included many alchemists such as Newton, Paine and Boyle or other Priory types. I will allow Wikipedia gets it correct on many examples of his being duped but in the matter of Daniel Dunglas Home all sorts of scientific debunkers failed to prove it as they attended exhibitions for them to prove they were right. Newton, Faraday and Crookes are developers of real science and field theory. The debunkers will disappear from the annals of human greatness!!! The Wikipedia types are biased hacks foisting garbage upon gullible people - not always but a generality I attest frequently.


You and I both will probably never get inside the jargon which follows and yet something makes sense in it. I am wondering if the "cosmic microwave background" it mentions; is what eluded Michael Faraday and Crookes, or if they knew it; but merely could not prove it given the technological limitations of their era.

In my study of Yoga and the Tao I have seen and sensed what the ancients knew and which we now are coming close to proving. Yogananda's small book called The Science of Religion is a necessary read for any ecumenicist or person seeking for truth which is not in any one system or religion but rather in every one of them. Based on ancient teachings and eternal realities, Yogananda explains that the whole physical universe, including man, is surrounded by, and made of cosmic energy. We can, through the act of our will, release tension that blocks the energy flow to our body and mind, and draw on this infinite storehouse of life-force all around us. That life-force or Pranha and chhi (qi and other words in varied languages) allows pneumatology and Therapeutae since Pythagoras and the DNN if not before, to perform miracles.

"Inflationary gravitational waves in the effective field theory of modified gravity

Antonio De Felice, Shinji Tsujikawa

(Submitted on 3 Nov 2014 (v1), last revised 12 May 2015 (this version, v2))

In the approach of the effective field theory of modified gravity, we derive the second-order action and the equation of motion for tensor perturbations on the flat isotropic cosmological background. This analysis accommodates a wide range of gravitational theories including Horndeski theories, its generalization, and the theories with spatial derivatives higher than second order (e.g., Horava-Lifshitz gravity). We obtain the inflationary power spectrum of tensor modes by taking into account corrections induced by higher-order spatial derivatives and slow-roll corrections to the de Sitter background. We also show that the leading-order spectrum in concrete modified gravitational theories can be mapped on to that in General Relativity under a disformal transformation. Our general formula will be useful to constrain inflationary models from the future precise measurement of the B-mode polarization in the cosmic microwave background."


We are still limited by our insufficient technology but soon we will have a better idea of what humans have struggled to explain throughout time. Metaphysics is a realm which philosophy eschewed in favor of a science that felt it was able to grasp all of what we saw - that science was definitely wrong as we now know. Relativity was a quantum leap through curved space but gravitational wave theory is taking us way back to shamanistic or alchemical attunements.

"The Big Bang: When the Universe was very young it underwent a period of very rapid expansion. Tiny fluctuations in spacetime would have been greatly stretched during this period and could still exist today as a background of gravitational waves. This could be detected by studying the polarisation patterns in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). With current instruments it is unlikely, but not impossible that we shall be able to measure the background. However, a positive detection would allow us to better understand the mechanism that drove early inflation of the Universe and probe extremely high energy physics. The gravitational wave background would allow us to see right back to the Big Bang, much further than we can see using EM radiation."

Can we hope to grasp how thought impacts the formation of water crystals such as Masaro Emotu demonstrated? Will our probing of space and it's vastness bring us to an understanding of what is within each molecule interacting with consciousness smaller than the god particle?

"Phase transitions: As the Universe evolves from its early state it goes through a number of phase transitions which can be associated with symmetry breaking or decoupling of forces. These transitions can create lead to several different types of gravitational radiation. As an analogy, imagine cooling water so that it begins to form ice. This is a phase transition too. Ice begins to form as small crystals that grow outwards. The same can happen in the Universe, small pockets undergo the transition and these expand out as a bubble. For certain types of transitions, gravitational waves would be emitted when bubbles collide. In other cases, topological defects are created following the transition. The analogy would be when two crystals of ice grow together, but their structures are not quite aligned, so that that there is a clear boundary, a defect or domain wall. For spacetime, two examples of topological defects are cosmic strings and domain walls; the former are 1D strings of cosmic length, whereas domain walls are 2D. Such defects are expected to be rare as they have been diluted in space by the expansion of the Universe. However, they have a unique gravitational wave signal, which should make them easy to identify. Such a detection would be an exciting discovery of exotic physics"


The extreme cases of denial and brainwashing from science are not done by scientists. Usually it is people who failed in advancing their scientific career who will be found beating a drum of reductivist thinking which reduces life to only that which THEY can easily understand. They seek to empower themselves and assure themselves that no one knows what intuition or consciousness is better than they do. They do not observe and conclude, rather they use direct inference and conclude nothing which they and their forbears have said can be challenged.

Here we have another outgrowth of the Wiki craze, called rationalwiki, giving us room to laugh or think. Remember we have machines sending thoughts across continents now, actual proof of words being sent from mind to mind. Of course we have always had fakirs and liars in both camps (see threads 'Darwinism Evolving', on Jung, Third Eye, shamans, Re-Discovering the Mind etc.).

"Scientific testing has shown time and time again that psychics under controlled conditions never perform better than wild guessing.[3] Intuition is inherently fallible, often what seems intuitively correct is simply wrong. Intuitions and first-impressions do not perform better than empirical research and proper scientific analysis unless you can prove otherwise. Cats have been shown to exhibit freakishly high levels of intuition; however, their communication is limited to meowing and urinating, so non-cat scientists remain baffled.

[edit] Confirmation bias

See the main article on this topic: Confirmation bias

When you want to believe that something is true, you will go out of your way to find confirmatory evidence in favor of that particular belief while blocking out other lines of evidence or competing contradictory explanations. When you make a guess and that guess turns out later to be true, someone who believed in intuition would blurt out "My intuition told me so!" while blocking out the other, more simplistic, possible explanation: that they had simply guessed correctly."

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