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Bruce Jenner IS an MK Ultra slave

06-03-2015, 05:34 PM #1
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Not because of the transgender issue. Not saying it couldn't happen to a person.

But as to Bruce - he is an MK Ultra victim, which manifests in this sex change of his. And here comes the proof.
Firstly, I have been watching the TV series "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" for some time now. I have noticed a lot of slave/handler behavior in the series (I should probably write one whole article about that, there's so much of it). If you watch the series from beginning to the end, you notice something very strange happen to Bruce as the time passes - and I am not talking about his sexuality. That is to say, in the beginning of the series, he behaves like a psychologically normal person would. However, towards the end of the series he starts to behave very erratically. He might shout or scream at odd moments, he might laugh uncontrollably, his sentences sometimes make no sense etc. -  his behavior changes completely. 
The fact that (some of the) Kardashian family members are clearly MK Ultra slaves made me first suspect that Bruce might be one as well. For example, Scott Disick, partner of Kourtney Kardashians, is a very obvious MK slave, completely programmed to do what the Illuminati wants him to do. To illustrate, in KUWTK season 4, episode 10 we see a handler give triggering hand gestures to Scott, and, as a result, Scott starts a fight with seemingly no reason at all. What happens to Bruce during the course of the series is very similar to what was done to Scott in that one episode - he begins to act in a weird manner with no reason we can come up with - or so it seems. However, when we dig deeper into Bruce's mental breakdown it is clear that behind of it is the Illuminati, whose agenda includes making youngsters confused about their sexuality. And what better way of doing that than forcing originally a very masculine athlete to turn into a woman to illustrate that it can happen absolutely anyone - even YOU, no matter how male you might feel at the moment?
What comes to the programming and programmer of Bruce - well, I have been watching closely the behavior of Kris Jenner in the series, and I have noticed she's always almost present when filming is going on - even when viewers are made to think she isn't. This is apparent in one episode where Kourtney and Scott are supposedly alone in their bathroom with a plumber. When the camera turns quickly, we see someone slap the worker's back with a hand with red nail polish. Kourtney doesn't have polished nails, so - who else was in the room? In a moment we see Kris - in another location - with red nail polish.
The bathroom incident gave me the idea that, in fact, Kris might be the handler of Bruce, and who knows of who else also. All the daughters, perhaps? Whatever the case, it is very obvious that she controls the whole family more than they want us viewers to know.
Second of all, didn't you guys read the Vigilant Citizen post about the Kardashian family Christmas card? Here's a link to it: http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/ka...-industry/
What interests me the most about the picture is Bruce's position inside of a tube, running out of air as Kris, possibly one of his handlers, is celebrating next to him. After all, she managed to turn a very male athlete into a woman and a complete slave of hers. In all, the picture shows clearly that MK Ultra is ruling in the Kardashian family and, as the article by the VC points out, all of that is carefully planned by the Illuminati.
And the third point I want to mention to show that Bruce's transformation was not voluntary is something very obvious. As we already know, magazine covers often hide Illuminati symbols, hidden messages, devil horns... The list goes on. Now, take a close look at the Vanity Fair cover. Bruce is sitting his hands behind his back AS IF THEY WERE TIED! The positioning of hands behind one's back is something very odd for a magazine cover. Therefore, this is one more piece of evidence which suggests that his sex change was not something he wanted to do. He is a complete slave of the Illuminati.
Even you vigilant citizens are completely missing the point of MK Ultra being used here in Bruce's case because of your immediate need to accept everyone who might be transgender - as the society tells you to do nowadays. (Once more, I myself am not AGAINST them. However, the facts are that Bruce Jenner is forced into this transformation.) Don't let yourselves be brainwashed!
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There is already a Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner thread yo.

06-03-2015, 05:48 PM #3
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the hidden hands are because he has man hands - which cant be changed -- and that would ruin the image of him as a woman.
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06-04-2015, 02:42 AM #4
Thy Unveiling
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There were reports of him getting procedures done before he married Kris. He stopped around the time they got together. Idk if Kris triggered him to stop. He continued crossdressing at home. Kourtney once discovered his secret lady closet.

I do believe he is MK. You bring up some interesting points I did not know. What you missed was before the card, before the recent speculation that started around the time he and Kris parted ways, was him arguing with Kris to leave Kendall and Kylie alone. Before those girls were even teens, Kris planned to turn the older one into "the next Kim" I think she decided this around Kim's 30th birthday. She knew she couldn't milk that cow much longer. She's also the one who encouraged her daughters to get plastic surgery, botox, that having extramarital affairs is okay as long as its quiet, to be money hungry (papa Kardashian tried to teach them to be more humble and appreciate what they have. Kris always wins, though), and told Kim to leave Chris Humphries because he wasn't an A-lister. Kanye meets Kris's Kriteria.

Bruce was against the plot to turn his girls into what they are now. They argued for months over it. It was around this time that gossip started spreading, probably by Kris herself to publicly shame him. The shame started turning to acceptance after his girls became the new Kim and Kourtney.

Its also said that Kylie is suffering from mental and emotional issues, much like Khloe, because of all the attention Kendall gets. Kylie feels like the ugly duckling. Although no other sister of hers inspired that bizarre duck lip challenge that teens are doing.

Kris is without a doubt the family handler and orchestrator. Idk what she gains from Scott Disick being a useless party animal disrespecting her daughter. Its been implied he and Khloe have a romantic involvement, and that he's carried on sexually with one of the Jenner girls. Maybe he's just a scoundrel. Maybe its Mk. All I know is Kris is not a good, loving mother since she clearly puts money and fame above her daughters needs. Her girls are beautiful and deserved better than this.
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06-04-2015, 08:38 PM #5
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Smile Great analysis, HealTheWorld. I suspect there are some plants in the other Bruce Jenner thread - either that, or people brainwashed by the media propaganda to deny the mental illness aspect of transgenderism. 

BTW, re: his hands behind his back on the cover - I was looking at the picture for any Illuminati symbolism and you are right! Yes, he may have "man hands" but they photoshopped everything else so why not that too? Also, all he needed was a collar and some bunny ears and he would look like a Playboy playmate. It is totally degrading. 

(PS I'm not calling him a "she" while he still has his penis attached - sorry. I will not let the media program me to deny biology like that.)
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06-05-2015, 03:18 AM #6
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Quite clear that Bruce Jenner isn't being brave,  just being mentally ill.  When and how did his gender disorientation supposedly begin?  I sense there is a connection with his track and field athletic career. Was he groomed for success and enabled to win Olympic gold? Maybe he was always a cross-dresser but still very much male. In the 70s that would have been media suicide and a big enough secret to make him a target. He went from pretty rubbish in1972 to all American hero in1976. His brother died in a car accident shortly after the gold medal win and we know well how those crossing to the dark side will offer up a sacrifice in exchange for success.
No word from his other two former wives as to wether he really had a gender identity crisis all his life. Only Kris seems to have brought the woman out in him!  (His plastic surgeries were slowly but surely feminising his features because his whole jaw line has been altered). Pimp Mama may well have been his handler and his spectacular fall also orchestrated.  Was he resisting? Funny how he walked away with scratches from a car accident in which 1 died and 8 were injured in February and weeks later says he's a woman.
Anyway,  there is definitely an agenda to confuse the young.  Neatly co-incidently we find this month that Fairfax County Public Schools will be changing their family life curriculm for grades 7 through 12.
Eighth graders will be taught that individual identity “occurs over a lifetime and includes the component of sexual orientation and gender identity.”
“Individual identity will also be described as having four parts – biological gender, gender identity (includes transgender), gender role, and sexual orientation (includes heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual).”

This is beyond shite. Parents should be up in arms!
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06-05-2015, 08:54 AM #7
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Seems every show, movie, and news story now is "transgender, transgender, transgender, transgender...." I'm so sick of hearing that word I can hardly stand it. I hope that maybe someday we can see a transgender person somewhere without a mention of them being transgender. I think a good way for equality is to stop treating transgender people as if there is a difference and treat them the same as everyone else. In other words don't treat them like trans people but just treat them like people.

I think I remember a clip from the big Diane Sawyer interview where Bruce talks about how he tried on clothing that belonged to his sister and mother as a kid while he was home alone sometimes. That may be true but regardless I don't think you have to wear makeup, have long hair, wear glamorous gowns, etc. to be a woman. Nor do you have to have the surgery since feminism is always making a big deal about reducing women to their parts. You could if you wanted but it's not a necessity. You should just be able to say "I am a woman" and have it be true.
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06-05-2015, 11:56 AM #8
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I knew from the get go that he is most likely an MK victim.. And he probably had female alters. And I'm assuming they were triggered and became more dominant towards present day. I heard from an online source that the reason why the kardashian women are so famous is because of their Armenian gr-gr-gr-grandma called kekel kardashian who apparently was very beautiful but very poor. So she went to the woods and met witches who she offered her self to because she wanted her offspring and her descendants to not have to endure the hardships she went through. She did the ritual and as promised fame, fortune and beauty was passed down her maternal bloodline. It makes sense that the only biological son in that family... Struggles with depression and weight issues if he had been female it would be a different story. Also their father is no longer alive. It is viable that story and now Bruce is a woman. I believe he was forced into the transgender scenario and if he didn't he would of been murdered.
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06-07-2015, 02:29 AM #9
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(06-05-2015, 08:54 AM)CountDracula Wrote:  I think I remember a clip from the big Diane Sawyer interview where Bruce talks about how he tried on clothing.
There was a lot of inappropriate laughter from Bruce during the interview that also smacked of MK Ultra - think of the creepy laughter from poor Britney Spears in more than one interview when she used to be on TV frequently.

Get right or get left.
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06-09-2015, 03:54 AM #10
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