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Human Origins

09-29-2015, 03:18 PM #1
Robert Baird
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I find it difficult to wander down certain strict disciplinary paths which avoid integrating what is qualitatively important or how that qualitative aspect is a real influence on the resultant change. Evolution as proposed by Darwin had a lot of La Marckian thought in it; despite how Darwin avoided givng credit to a much more open field of influencers. I guess you could say he wanted to keep the focus on what could be proven. Even after Darwin the state of thought about the date humans walked this earth was not far from what many creationists who say we walked with Dinosaurs are saying today at places like Acambaro where the artifacts no longer have probative value due to their efforts and actions. In schools I attended as a young man we were still seeing the Bishop Ussher NONsense and academics were still talking Locke's Scale of Nature. Few were talking about humans being on Earth as much as 500,000 years ago. The Scale of Nature is a racist piece of trash.

One of the references in the article which follows at the bottom of this post (from 1994) is the legendary father of the Leakey gang who still control the Olduvai Gorge under the direction of Yale University. Louis Leakey found arrowheads dated over 200,000 years old near Calico, California. I had occasion to discuss these matters with my accounts there who have since gone on to support his work - I hear.


Leakey was branded an old fool suffering from dementia etc.. (Sound familiar?) Other researchers including Julsrud and Virginia Steen-McIntyre had worse fates in Mexico showing even older though same time frame evidence. It was however, more advanced and thus we have actual destruction of artifacts done by authorities. A correspondent of mine at Inyo near Calico has had to live on the site researched by Barry Fell to keep it from being further destroyed,


I add a link to a Provincial park that does not mention the nearby Ogham inscriptions and I will add a link to Ancient America who do mention it. Writing-on-Stone - AlbertaParks.ca


Calico near Inyo, and Hueyatlaco are from the same era as Acambaro. It is an era when people went to Hawaii on rafts - which botany proves. Botanical genetics are not ever faked.


Worse still has been done on Manitoulin Island and elsewhere.

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