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Newton's G-d

09-28-2015, 07:30 PM #1
Robert Baird
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Newton's God got hijacked on the way to truth and understanding pragmatic plans for HOPE in this very long dialogue between good people.


 "Faith is an openness and trusting attitude to truth and reality, whatever it may turn out to be. This is a risky and adventurous state of mind. Belief in the religious sense, is the opposite of faith - because it is a fervent wishing or hope, a compulsive clinging to the idea that the universe is arranged and governed in such and such a way. Belief is holding to a rock; faith is learning how to swim - and this whole universe swims in boundless space." - Alan Watts
 I see Newton as a man who gave his most and was only concerned for raising the consciousness of this world. He might have seemed weird or wired to those who do little but criticize his aloof ways. But if he had tried to garner acclaim or taken an activist role during his era, he would have been consumed by fires not of his own making, methinks.

 “There is no unreturn’d love,” wrote Walt Whitman, “the pay is certain one way or another.”

Maybe Jesus said. "He who is least selfish is most selfish."

I know the Mayans say "Do not put yourself in front of your Self."

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09-28-2015, 08:32 PM #2
Grand Commander
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oh fack off will ya

Out beyond ideas
of wrong-doing,

and right-doing,

there is a field...

...I'll meet you there.

Jalaluddin Rumi

09-29-2015, 02:59 AM #3
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^ No need for that Scimi. I don't see Rob attacking anyone here.

"We check and repress the divinity that stirs within us, to fall down and worship the divinity that is dead without us."
--  Henry David Thoreau, 1851

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09-29-2015, 04:00 AM #4
Robert Baird
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Well, I do attack injustice, ignorance and immoralaity. Sometimes it is giving back and sometimes that can be a personal attack.

Generally if I am doing it - it is an attempt at humour but such humour is a little over the top at times.

I have two nephews whose rountines in comedy (one a professional comedian at one time lauded by the likes of Chevy Chase) would and do make even the primest prude blush while laughing. They are Dyslexics and can imitate voices heard just once. The routine on Sean Connery cooking dinner for a gay Arnold Swarenegger made me loose a little piss once.