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Physics and G-d; La Place's Demon

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Robert Baird
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My brother provided a link to various physics theories which I found interesting but biased towards a Creation Theory which has taken nature and designs like the Mandelbrot Set or Schumann Resonances, the Phi of the Great Pyramid and Nautilus Shell all part of the Pentagon Dodecahedron (recent discovery of the Pentaquark supports) to mean something not in evidence. Yes, I can connect Dembski and Tegmark's arguments enough to show their arguing the same thing just putting different words to it. Yes, local constants only apply locally - but the big flaw was La Place and the author saying no information travels faster than light. There are many threads here which address this fallacy including a thread on Time Travel that has the recent discovery of the Alcubierre space time bubble propulsion project The oroborous takes the good to bad continuum so far and then if you add another one you get infinity's symbol. Japanese researchers quoted here from last year working on Quantum info transfer and entanglement have proven his physicist wrong. They measure spooky action-at-a-distance from Einstein at 10,000 times light speed. In early 2000 the Princeton Labs of NEC had produced 300X light speed in a Cesium chamber - and I have told my brothers about FTL for three decades before that. Here is another thread covering time viewing.


 This explains how thought energy from one soul can be picked up in another person and souls can wander into each other to varying degrees if we give it some thought. This might explain part of the soul transference in MPD or what is now called D.I.D. It also ties in to hypnagogic and Bibliomantic tap-ins to knowledge said to exist in Ein Sof or the Akashic. The secret societies including the one set up in Vienna by St. Germain de Medicis address genetic info transfer.

Here is the article addressing La Place and Time Travel.

"[For an intellect knowing  all  positions and velocities]
nothing could be uncertain and the future,
 just like the past, would be present before its eyes.
Pierre Simon de Laplace  (1749-1827)

The "intellect" so introduced by the Marquis de Laplace (Essai philosophique sur les probabilités, 1814) has since been dubbed  Laplace's Demon.  It is an icon of the concept of determinism, which can be traced back to Socrates and which was fully entangled with Science before the dawn of  Quantum Theory.  Interestingly, Laplace himself first discussed this in a treatise about probabilities, which deal with the very uncertainty his  Demon  would never have to face.

In fact, Laplace's Demon cannot possibly exist, within this world or outside of it.

From a philosophical or religious standpoint, its existence would preclude free will, which is the one thing that makes the Creation qualitatively different from a lowly clockwork toy.  To be the greatest of creators, it would seem that God had to allow His creation some life of its own, that could escape even Him.  Thus, He did make a stone so heavy that He couldn't lift it:  The quantum Universe.

From a scientific standpoint, even the theoretical possibility of Laplace's Demon condradicts our best understanding of fundamental observations.  In particular, quantum logic is incompatible with so-called hidden variables, which would make Quantum Theory deterministic and allow the entire past and future of the Universe to stand "before the eyes" of the Demon.

Actually, what is ruled out by observation is only the existence of local hidden variables, since this would preclude the violations of Bell's inequality  (John Bell, 1964)  that have been confirmed experimentally.  A priori, some set of nonlocal hidden variables could exist which would make the whole Universe knowable at once.  However, if time can't be separated from the other dimensions  (motion of the observer trades space for time)  we may push the argument of nonlocality to its ultimate conclusion and state that the entire knowledge of the past and future of the Universe would require no part of its history to be unknown, to begin with.

 Although a formal proof has yet to be devised, we thus believe in an unavoidable quantum entanglement of the present with a distant past and a distant future.  However, this quantum entanglement is of such a nature that it cannot be used to convey any kind of information.  Information cannot travel faster than light, nor can it go back and forth in time.  Some "time travel" is unavoidable in a relativistic quantum world, but time travelers can't possibly carry any information luggage with them.  Similarly, perpetual motion is mandated by quantum laws, but this motion can't be harnessed to produce useful work for free.

So, there may be a God who knows everything that ever was and ever will be, but there's no such thing as an entity capable of deducing such knowledge from anything but prior knowledge of the same.  Laplace's Demon is a fallacy.
Absolute prior knowledge is next to impossible to fathom in a quantum world...  Could this manifest itself as an  absolute will  transcending  free will  without being incompatible with it?  It just seems easier to believe that the very God who created the quantum  stage  would simply allow the actors to improvise in a loosely scripted play, with a miracle now and then for good measure.

Why can't we remember the Future?"
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Robert Baird
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It appears that Tegmark has been interpreted in a supportive role towards religion because he envisions issues facing humanity which necessitate unity between science and religion. Good for Max - bad atheists I agree.

Still I do not think he sees how science including William Dembski, who the Creationists have embraced falsely (and vilified falsely at Baylor for not being Christian enough) and Intelligent Design are not so far apart.

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