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Sigmund Freud

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The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is best known for his tendency to trace nearly all psychological problems back to sexual issues. Although only parts of his theory of psychosexual development are still accepted by mainstream psychologists, Freud's theory of the Oedipal Complex has become a cultural icon nevertheless. Other now-famous Freudian innovations include the therapy couch, the use of talk therapy to resolve psychological problems, and his theories about the unconscious -- including the role of repression, denial, sublimation, and projection. Initially a Viennese medical doctor, Freud was trained in neurology, and he originally drew inspiration from the work of Charles Darwin which explained behavior in evolutionary terms. But Freud's introduction to hypnotherapy and to the stunning revelations it elicited from mentally ill patients led him to develop a revolutionary theory of the mind and of the dynamics underlying human behavior. While Freud's theories have always been controversial, his work forms a major portion of the foundations of modern psychology, with considerable modification by later theorists.

Now let's take a look at his personal beliefs
  • Freud's work forms a MAJOR PORTION of the foundation of modern psychology. Sigmund Freud was an avowed atheist, who believed in the evolutionary process of life. Freud was a devout Christ-rejecter. Freud is quoted as saying... "Neither in my private life nor in my writings, have I ever made a secret of being an out and out unbeliever."
  • As with many psychologists today, Freud, the father of modern psychology, commit suicide in 1939...

    He was 83 years old when he asked his doctor to end his life, and died of a physician-assisted morphine overdose in London on September 23, 1939.
    So, the guy whose works are supposed to cure people, cannot cure himself?

    SOURCE: http://www.nndb.com/people/736/000029649/
  • Of course, Sigmund Freud is a big hit today with homosexuals...

    "...he accepted the idea that all human beings come into the world as potential bisexuals."

    SOURCE: http://www.nndb.com/people/736/000029649/

    Yes, they were BORN THAT WAY, but..so were you and me
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Robert Baird
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Freud was certainly full of phobias and very much against women. As to calling him suicidal that is absurd! And your comments about gays are indicative of some major issues and bigotry as well as outright ignorance - no doubt fostered by your freaky religion. Paul is also a big hit with homosexuals.

The big pink book on Freud is well worth reading. His influence is as great as any person other than Einstein to what still goes on. His letter to Einstein about mind controlling BELIEF is a must read.

Freud addressed that in his book on Moses (Who he came close to understanding but more recent archaeology suggests Akhenaton was Moses and we know followers of Moses were not all that monotheistic - and still are not as we see all your boogeymen including Saints, angels, cherubim and succubae.}.

"2010 Reprint of 1939 Edition. In Moses and Monotheism, Freud speculates that Moses was not Jewish, but actually born into Ancient Egyptian nobility and was perhaps a follower of Akhenaten, an ancient Egyptian monotheist. Freud further suggests that Moses led only his close followers into freedom during an unstable period in Egyptian history and that his followers subsequently killed Moses in rebellion afterward. Freud speculates that the guilt from the murder of Moses is inherited through the generations; this guilt then drives the Jews to religion to make them feel better."

For a fuller appreciation of the roots of psychiatry we have the following. For a better understanding of psychology study Yoga and books like Yogi Ramacharaka authored in the 1900 era.

"Freud and Psychoanalysis
Dr. C. George Boeree

Precursors of Psychoanalysis
It often surprises students that psychiatry - meaning the doctoring of the mind - was not invented by Sigmund Freud.  Psychoanalysis - a particular (and very significant) brand of psychiatry - was his baby.  Psychiatrists existed before Freud, and most, psychiatrists today are not Freudian. {Unfortunately it goes in cycles and those who are Freudians are [pretty damaging to healthy or sick people.}

The term psychiatry was coined by the German physician Johann Reil1 in 1808, and would slowly replace the older term "alienist."  The new respect signalled by the new name was based on some significant improvements in the care of the mentally ill in the second half of the 1700's. {Read the story of Bucke and Whitman or see the movie Beautiful Dreamers to learn who ended straight jackets and piling sick people in cages to defecate on each other - which was still happening just before WWII. You will learn that Walt Whitman who is compared to Jesus was gay too.}

There are three people I would like to pay my respects to as important precursors to psychoanalysis:  Franz Anton Mesmer, who discovered hypnotism; Philippe Pinel, who changed the way we thought of and treated the mentally ill; and Jean-Martin Charcot, who is often considered the father of neurology.

Franz Anton Mesmer

Franz Anton Mesmer was born May 23, 1734 in Iznang, Germany, near Lake Constance.  He received his MD from the University of Vienna in 1766.  His dissertation concerned the idea that the planets influenced the health of those of us on earth.  He suggested that their gravitational forces could change the distribution of our animal spirits.  Later, he changed his theory to emphasize magnetism rather than gravity -- hence the term “animal magnetism.”  It would soon, however, come to be known as mesmerism. {This was known before history or writing. You see Crocodile Dundee do it to a wild Water Buffalo in his way in that movie.)

He was, in fact, able to put people into trance states, even convulsions, by waving magnetized bars over them.  His dramatic performances were quite popular for a while, although he believed that anyone could achieve the same results.  In point of fact, some of his patients did in fact get relief from their symptoms -- a point that would later be investigated by others. {He proved he could psychically mind-fog others. He did it to a conductor on a train asking for tickets - that fast! A skeptic said to the conductor - "What about his ticket?" The conductor said there was no one sitting there.}

When accused of fraud by other physicians in Vienna, he went to Paris.  In 1784, the King of France, Louis XVI, appointed a commission including Benjamin Franklin to look into Mesmer and his practices.  They concluded that his results were due to nothing more than suggestion. {Not what I say - they called him a quack and did not want him telling people about things they already used in secret societies like the Hellfire Club. Franklin was a major womanizer all his long life. Mesmer had the same skills.}

Despite condemnation by many of the educated elite, mesmerism  became a popular fad in the salons of Europe.  In order to serve the many poor people who came to him for help, he designed a sort of bathtub in which they could sit while holding the magnetic rods themselves.  He eventually created an organization to train other mesmerists.
Mesmer died March 5, 1815 in Meersburg, also near Lake Constance, Germany.

An English physician, James Braid (1795-1860), a much more careful researcher of Mesmer’s phenomenon, termed it hypnotism.  Disassociated from Mesmer, hypnotism would go on to have a long, if controversial, life into the twentieth century."

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What exactly is your problem with Freud's religious beliefs? How he died? What is your point exactly?

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Thy Unveiling
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I've heard he had issues himself, but as I never met the guy idk for sure.

TL; DR tbh maybe when I'm not up to something Tongue

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