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"Lie back and think of Marx."

09-25-2015, 01:03 PM #1
Robert Baird
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The nature of education all over the world is a joke.


"In a country where the state has never been generous to academics, the sociologist and his friends went hat in hand to government offices and state-owned companies for funds for his two-year survey.

The response was amazing. Forty Shanghai companies contributed $100 to $200 each, City Hall kicked in $400 and the Beijing government added $600, a figure more important as symbolic approval than financial significance.

Mr. Liu's survey, already dubbed "China's Kinsey Report," was an instant hit when published in October. China is officially so prudish that it's sometimes said that until a few years ago, a woman's sex education was limited to advice to "lie back and think of Marx."

In a study studded with 200 erotic figurines, Mr. Liu, 55, acknowledged he was flabbergasted when his 3,360-copy first edition quickly sold out. Publishers are preparing a 10,000-copy second edition.

"It means the government's attitude is changing, perhaps because people want to know more about sex," he said. "People want to be educated scientifically, not to pick up their knowledge from sleazy magazines and porno films.

"For me, the most shocking aspect of the survey was the ignorance. We found one in three married women have never had an orgasm. They didn't even know what it meant until we simplified the question to 'Do you feel any pleasure?' "

Mr. Liu said the survey found that because of the absence of foreplay, many wives found sex bothersome and painful. If sex occurred, it was restricted to less than a minute.

The survey also found that 25 percent of the men and 20 percent of the women reported having intercourse before marriage -- a revelation that evaporated the government-promoted legend of a China where premarital sex had been eliminated by the love for socialism.

If the survey destroyed the old myth of Chinese chastity, it did confirm the proverbial modesty of Chinese couples. According to its statistics, only 13 percent of married couples ever have made love naked.

At the same time, however, Mr. Liu's study found that Chinese couples were perhaps more imaginative than official prudery would suggest."

This book of mine shows a real and true picture of a great man who had the support of a great woman. I hope you can download it for free.


There is a modern day call for the Romans to allow women priests just as the Gnostic Cathari did. The historical Jesus (Yeshua bar Joseph - not born of a virgin or any other NONsense) was married as Mishnah says a Rabbi or teacher must be. His lifelong mate was Mary Magdalene (Magdala, also of Bethany, another place that her father owned a home in is Alexandria, where they both were schooled by Comarius). You can be sure that any wise man at any period of time drew inspiration and counsel from women if those women were educated or even if they simply were interested in learning. In fact the apostles are not particularly well-educated and all their writings are not by them - they were dead when the Gospels were written by and large (35 to 75 years after the death of Yeshua - who did not die on the cross).

So when you read the following you should know that Mary was just one of many women in the time of Jesus and the century after him who Mary Rose D'Angelo says are as important as the apostles in the development of the Christian church. She details this in Vatican II. I liked John Paul II and understand the forces of heretical Roman usages which he decried in 1999 as a two thousand year history of "heinous acts". His words in the following are political, and there is no Papal Infallibility despite what the Catholic Encyclopedia says. The Pope never was at the center of the universe with all revolving around him on a Flat Earth (The Firmament). When this churchian behemoth has day care centers in the Vatican and women are made whole rather than treated as dirty (Yes, when he visited Toronto - per dogma and ritual - no woman was allowed to go near the ritual stations during or before his Mass.) I will believe in the possibility that serial rapists are capable of rehabilitation.

In some orthodox Jewish cults the Rabbi sets the date for a marriage and asks the woman when her period is so the "dirt" will not infect the proceedings.


09-26-2015, 05:47 PM #2
Robert Baird
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For some reason this and another post I put  here after reading KF saying things I find stupid and misogynistic to Justjess yesterday has not showed up when I click Today's posts or put my name in the search engine.

These posts are meant to draw attention ot the idiocy of men and the failure of education - he needs. It lead to he and the Riddled fool making up many posts driected at me and now joined in by other small minded fearful, types who think they know G-d but have not even studied the source of their own hallucinations.