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Free Energy

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Robert Baird
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The story of Eugene Mallove is a story of a man who gave his life to help mankind and for it he was assassinated by the Nuclear Lobby. He was killed shortly before he was to testify to a Senate Department of Energy or congressional hearing on Cold Fusion; which took him years to arrange. There are many such stories and no doubt some of them are fictional. I followed this one intently for a decade or so - I am near to certain of what I say. This site may overstate the case but it is worth reading as a starting point. It is easy to get a person killed if you tell drug-addicted people someone has money and will be found at a certain place at a specific time. http://www.pureenergysystems.com/obi...EugeneMallove/

And we must not forget Tesla - the father of free energy. http://www.free-energy.ws/nikola-tesla.html

Is it true that energy saved is free energy? Think about that and how much energy is used to counteract gravity. Einstein was ridiculed for proposing negative gravity and schools certainly weren't talking about it (or any real science to speak of) when my nephews were in school.


But the major power source Tesla was working on is a Unified Force field leading to dimensionsal energy tap-ins which he said caused him to see past, and future simultaneously. In my book on him I explain his work on the attention point to overcome deep psychological and even matter dysfunction. Tesla used the Earth Grid and air or ether forces - he used what works and did not abide stupid academic me-too think. The possibility of energy sources in ancient times that no historian working for the paradigm will discuss grows more realistic every day. Dr. Don Robins described megaliths as macrochips - he was a very accomplished person in archaeology whose inventions bring us better means to date artifacts and many other things. The Dragon Project researchers included Cambridge mathematicians using magnetometers. It is near to certain that attunement sciences and metaphysics was more developed before the Carolina Bays event destroyed most cities and killed most humans. Today you will hear scientists working on Gravitational Wave research say metaphysics is more real than old physics. The pentagon dodecahedron allowed major energy flows through the megaliths - it had twelve major center points and our Mr. Brown has calculated three of them. Ivan Sanderson added more and I think Mt. Yamato or another part of the Antarctic is one as well. Everyone agrees (most real thinkers) that the Great Pyramid was central to it but it was built long after the people with the real knowledge had used smaller structures there to affect many things including advanced psychic ability. In the research on Pine Gap we have submarines with antennae being powered at a great distance - VRIL antennae receiving power from the Megalithic power plant could do likewise. Indeed we have a modern day effort to use the Earth Energy Grid. Tesla probably would roll over in his grave. The Pentagon dodecahedron and Earth Energy Grid is now a lot more powerful.


It is very easy to read a little and learn a lot but still know nothing to speak of.

To Keep Silent (Tacere in the Law of the Magi - Scrire, Potere, Audere, Tacere) has many requests it makes of the ego, and yet it no sooner is apprehended than it must be broken and no more.

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Cool post Rob, I have heard of many stories about inventors using inter molecular forces as a source of free energy and then being suppressed.

I'm surprised that this post has no comments, free energy would literally solve every issue facing the planet today (and open up a plethora of new ones I'm sure).

If these stories are true then certain groups and individuals have a lot to answer for.

"You can find in a text whatever you bring, if you will stand between it and the mirror of your imagination. You may not see your ears, but they will be there." - Moral, by the Cat

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Robert Baird
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Dear H

I do not think it would solve all problems as you say. It would help a great deal - if we switched to Thorium and had never gone the militaristic route (Which Robert Oppenheimer did not want to go - and he was driven mad and branded a spy and worse - he was the cousin of a good friend of mine whose family are Merovingian.). Tesla probably revived very ancient methods bringing free energy to people. Reichean Orgone is probably in use as a weapon rather than a social benefit - I will put more in this thread.

It would be great if lobbies were stopped - but even Daddy bush tried, Clinton tried and now Trump as well,

The worst lobby group is extremist religious reprobates hanging out in schools.

When we do what Illich knew (Whitehead, Campbell and psychological teaching gurus galore) was right in education we will be on the right path. Please read the thread on Illich and McKnight.

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Robert Baird
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CREATION OF ANIMATE FROM INANIMATE: - We have touched upon some scientific dry wells and frauds already. The idea of cold fusion and perpetual motion that the Utah researchers may not have achieved was just dealt with: but a recent report showing a Utah student using Farnsworth's old designs is another example that makes me think Cold Fusion is going to be a reality. Chaos is the operating fact of the universe that does actually adapt and create or mutate through qualitative and quantitative leaps according to the Russian (Check out the New Frontier people who have a site on the web.) and mystical scientific paradigm-thinking. Thus many of the normal behavioral observations can only explain part of the day to day 'reality'. A few decades ago science generated proteins from apparent nothingness and declared they had created life from inanimate. This concept and experiment was partially replicable and became touted and taught throughout all schools, but it was less than what it was represented to be in the final analysis. NASA now pronounces there is life everywhere including interstellar vacuums. Microbes are not the only reason for this truth.

 Just as there are archetypes in our minds the equivalent templates of knowledge exist in the 'ether' or 'cosmic soup'. Together and inclusive of all knowledge we get the Universal Mind or Harmonic Convergence. These things are shallow images of what really can be done with joined effort of mind and soul through the attunement of adept practitioners and observers of nature. The Jewish 'Golem' is supposedly able to invest the soul of a dead person into the fashioned earth and matter that the Rabbis or other magicians work with. The alchemist's 'homonunclus', and gargoyles being brought to life by Kafka: legends abound in many cultural settings. The possibility of such an act of creation is more mind-blowing to any rational person than even the focusing of dimensional forces. How could one actually tap their genetic knowledge to cause any form of life to exist. Yet it would appear mere science can create some rudimentary building blocks and that energy can be directed through super conscious latticeworks that retain information much as the silicon computer chip or digitized quantum bits of cognized information. The one dimensional harmonic forces of String Theory that combine to form membranes and other 11-dimensional realities are quite reminiscent of the concepts of animating and transmuting the form of matter (which is just lower level or dross energy).

 The amount of time that man has been aware and creatively focused on attunement is far longer than the time he has been fixed on power and material greed. It didn't require writing it down. In fact it isn't very easy to explain how chaos or creation works by any scientist who can demonstrate the mathematical formula. Yes, we see there are eloquent images and fancy terminologies. What the formula can do is still largely unproven in terms of what the apparent potential might yield. Man is on the verge of being able to create and have robots to create as self-replicants and restructuring of wood or other energy into food or gold. This is the expected near future outcome with nanotechnology and 'replicators' much like the Star Trek images have brought us for many years.

 Bucky Fuller called it 'creative realization' and said that anything we can imagine is achievable through our acceptance and focused intention. He was saying it in dry and often scientific or even incomprehensible language but he is right. So we can say that 'survival of the fittest' is a rude natural fact that 'creation' can alter and surpass. The ancient ideals of Godheads and akashic or other direct cognition are worth exploration because the world of 'seems to be' is really whatever we can create. Hopefully my naïve perception about RIGHT THOUGHT=RIGHT ACTION from the laws of the Magi is an operating principle.
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