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Soul Continuance and Immortality

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Robert Baird
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In a discussion about ancient pre-homo Sapiens having greater wisdom and attunement than our busy-minded current paradigm allows or actually teaches against, this thought occurred.

I share your thought but I also think we have more potential than early hominids - yet all unused.

Here is a somewhat unrelated thought progression - but one where turning our environment on or off (Tinctures or Emotu's water) is being proven.

Magnetic influences are not unlike the Earth Energy influences and planetary influences in astrology. They act in low doses over long periods of time. Here we have magnetic effects through water (remember Masaro Emotu's research on water crystals affected by music and thought) causing left-handedness. Again I am reminded of alchemical tinctures which are more than mere dilutions but rather a carry forward of original knowledge designed in the active ingredient which is almost non-existent in the final solution or tincture.

A tincture is a slow working upon ingredients which can often kill a person if ingested. By working the dilution to ensure a thorough mixing each time it is diluted so each time every molecule in the complete solution is exposed to the original strong chemical or active ingredient like Mercury. Through further dilution and attunement in each dilution the shaman of old and the alchemist of recent times (Homeopaths like Hippocrates) gets to know his work and makes each effort to attune with any natural substance easier for his soul to tap-in with.

Paracelsus cured the Royals of Europe of their syphilis through tincture of Mercury. Mercury poisoning will easily occur and Tycho Brahe later tried to do this to cure himself (It is possible he was trying to make a Stone like Paracelsus is known to have had. But that takes years not weeks. Brahe did not apparently die a slow death.) Paracelsus said every disease and affliction of man has an origin and solution in Nature.

St. Germain was the equal at least, of Paracelsus. He apparently (Many witnesses including Voltaire.) precipitated a jewel in just two weeks for the French King who he mentored. I think St. Germain did the same attuning he had learned to do with tinctures and kept in his mind and SOUL the energy needed to make the perfect jewel. I think he then allowed this energy to work on a solution of matter or coal slush to get the matter to fit the mind created jewel.

The following modern research shows the same kind of energy at work. The Pentagon Dodecahedron I have written about in all so many threads here is a mixture or co-agulation of cosmic (astrological) and Earth Energy (Gaia). It can be expressed as Magnetism such as Mesmer's Animal Magnetism and electricity. In July of 2015 we had a report that a pentaquark was just proven to exist.

"Water molecules cause biological systems to prefer left-handed chiral centres, say scientists from Israel. All amino acids found in living organisms have left-handed chirality, even though left- and right-handed amino acids should chemically be the same. Meir Shinitzky and colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science believe the humble water molecule to be responsible.

Shinitzky dissolved polymers of left- and right-handed amino acids in water, and measured the pH at which they denatured from helices to random coils. This was 0.2 to 0.3 units higher for the right-handed molecules, which implied they were less stable. The effect disappeared when heavy water (D2O) was used.

The group discounted undetectable impurities in the water as the cause. ‘In most of our experiments with heavy water, where the differences are virtually eliminated, 20 per cent light water was still present,’ said Shinitzky.

Water molecules exist in two forms, ortho-H2O and para-H2O. The interchange between these forms in liquid water is very slow, taking minutes, so an average form is not established. There is also a tiny difference in the magnetic fields of left-handed and righthanded chiral centres.

Shinitzky’s group suggests that the different interactions between the weak magnetic field of ortho- H2O and the magnetic fields of left- and right-handed amino acids is sufficient to account for the pH measurements.

This is a controversial explanation, because the energy difference between molecule types is tiny yet the effect on denaturing is huge according to Jeanne Crassous at the University of Rennes, France. Crassous said she would like to see the results and the role of water impurities corroborated by another research group.

Shinitzky’s next step is to compare the structures and catalytic activities of left- and righthanded biological molecules. ‘The ultimate challenge is the possibility that the function of a mirror-image biological system would be inferior to its natural counterpart,’ he said."


Talk about a SINISTER bunch!


"Practical Spiritual Tools - The Great Divine Director's 33-Day Novena
The purpose of this novena is to access and put into action our individual divine plan, the divine plan for our local study groups, our organization, and the planet as a whole.

Saint Germain has given us a method of finding what is the will of God for our life and our divine plan. He suggests we give prayers to the Great Divine Director for direction in our affairs.

The Great Divine Director is a master of great attainment who is working closely with Saint Germain to bring in the new age of Aquarius. He directs great beams of light from his heart and has crystallized this light into dazzling jewels of light. He wears these jewels as a belt around his waist that hangs to below his knees. You will notice reference made to this blue belt in his mantra."


Some of the above freaks including the Stardoves are telling people they are in direct contact (every day) with St. Germain. Some say he lived in the time of Yeshua and before, and is alive today. Is this total BS.

Did this man who Voltaire knew for 50 years and never saw him age at all really live that long. Not according to my book on him where I quote the man himself calling that ridiculous. But he certainly could be an Ascended Master who comes back consciously as I show in another book called Hitler V. Frabato and `The Charm of Making`. In that book I extend the possibility of local energy forms like Gods exist in each event horizon or solar system - which Franz Bardon and some Rosicrucians even say is Christianity.

A top Remote Viewer older than myself and part of Ingo Swann`s team using astral travel and more read H v F and said it was reality as best she ever read about reality. An Inner Sanctum high Rosicrucian Swiss Baron said I made Bardon credible - he was not AMORC if I recall, and he had a Buddhist Ashram he wanted me to give lectures at. I was too busy tapped in to Bibliomancy and finishing all the books inside me. When I finished my books and other philanthropy of that era - I looked him up at his bookstore on Yonge St.. It had just closed a few months before, maybe it is best that I did not go to that Ashram, I will never know. I also do not know if there is a local god entity like Urgaya with all the Ascended ones - at most I am merely open to it.

But what St. Germain may have done by precipitating a jewel is as high a level of INTENT as making the Elixir of Life in the Philosopher`s Stone continuum. I suspect Vivekananda and others were not lying and the mediums who tell me I am such an old soul (Including Jean Houston) are not wrong either. I think that is something I will know at death and I am not trying to go there yet.

How do I proceed to make this thread intelligible or useful. I do think St. Germain could have taken over a new body such as Crowley-Hubbard which I will shortly go into more detail about. Jack Parsons said Hubbard was the best he ever saw and Jack was an alchemist according to many and I will agree. Jack is the founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab and much of the science of our future seen in Star Trek or Futurescape emanates in that cadre.
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Robert Baird
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The fear of death has much to do with many afterlife beliefs, and I think the Keltic Creed and its related native beliefs of North America have a healthier attitude about the soul and its immortality. There is no reason to live in fear of death - that leads to a lack of growth (which is LIFE!). There are many books and beliefs that deal with the afterlife and various related theological constructs. SETH SPEAKS was a great book that I learned a great deal from around this time in my life. I was never convinced the premise was true, but the knowledge made sense. Having read some of the author's other work, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a channeling from another spirit called Seth.

As a literary device to convey the knowledge she imparted, it was effective, and that knowledge still makes a lot of sense to me. It mirrors the eastern or Hindu dimensions and causal planes. The focus on an individual ego having immortal life is perhaps a little stronger than I see it; but I acknowledge I might be wrong. As she put the idea forth it seems there is a multi-dimensional and multiple personality, which might include a million souls in various timeframes and other planetary planes or causal (material) points of reference. Thus our soul will learn in each of these frames of reference and become more complete when in the spiritual dimensions or non-causal frames. The interview with L. Ron Jr. didn't deal with the soul transference or immortality issue as much as some other cult deprogrammers like Jon Atack and Rick Ross or ex-Scientologist officials who have escaped the clutches of this mind control cult (Jesse Prince, Fishman et al.). In these reports it is clear L. Ron Jr. thinks there is a good chance Crowley continues to be part of the entity or soul that was his father, because he says the date Scientology began is the day Crowley died.

That death was no ordinary event. An autopsy was performed on Crowley before his body was cremated. We must wonder why it was cremated and that Crowley had been an MI-6 operative in British Intelligence. This is especially true because I've heard and read that his interior organs were twisted and jumbled with the intestines wrapped around them as if a force had caused a terrible death from inside his own body. There was no exterior reason for this configuration of the organs. It is possible that the body had some issue with the ritualistic action and intent of these two sorcerers who were in league. If Crowley intended to continue his achievement of power (Hubbard assures us he'll be back or already is, not a very pleasant thought.) in another person he may well have taken the advice or recommendation of Jack Parsons (a chemist on rocket fuel with JPL or other government contractors in Southern California, who headed the OTO Temple in L.A.). Hubbard clearly was a great follower of Crowley from early life and would have done anything to associate with him in this manner.

As I see it the body has a solar self or aura that doesn't always agree with the brain or ego. The acts of these two, do not speak to soulful attunements. They would not have had the agreement of any soul that was ascended or connected to higher dimensions, so they had to overcome the disagreement of their souls. It would have been a big issue with the body about to lose its' soul (Crowley). In the case with the mother/daughter it would be easier if the psychics are right about soulful genetic connections in different times and lives.

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Robert Baird
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The 'Bardol Thodol' and 'Sidpa Thodol' of the Tibetan Book of the Dead with a forward by Carl Jung and Lama Anagarika Govinda, by Evans-Wentz is a great insight to the hallucinatory nature of the images we carry forward beyond the grave. These hallucinations (beliefs) go away and the 'white light' is all that remains. The 'white light' may not be seen by those still attached to this material plane and its' obsessions or propaganda for quite some period of time. The interstitial states of purgatory and limbo(words with all kinds of fables that are far from true, associated with them) are the realms wherein these devious 'visions' play out their energy upon the soul of unenlightened 'followers' of many belief systems. That is a simplistic overview, to say the least.

Moody's work on 'Life After Death' documents in real epistemic terms a plethora of cases that boil down to 15 stages that are common and eight of which most people go through. From conversations with people who've had heart by-pass or other Near Death Experiences (NDEs) I am sure there is much merit in his work. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a great student and scholar from UCLA who I met and heard talk of these things. In the final analysis I find much of the quantum physical world has the best descriptions of what kind of realities other dimensions allow. However, we are all not able to understand that which we are not physically involved with, so allow me to visit with 'Seth Speaks' by Jane Roberts as well as L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. for a moment; he says:

"The explanation is sort of long and complicated. The basic rationale is that there are some powers in this universe that are pretty strong. As an example, Hitler was involved in the same black magic and the same occult practices that my father was. {This might explain why the Allies used Hubbard and Crowley, Dion Fortune and Ian Fleming in a counter psychic group.} The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It's a very secret thing. {We covered a lot of it in 'Science' from 'Genesis of the Grail Kings' and a Christian mystery school called Rosicrucianity.}. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous. Brainwashing is nothing compared to it. The proper term would be 'soul cracking.' It's like cracking open the soul, which then opens various doors to the power that exist,' the satanic and demonic powers...

{My younger brother is a thirty year member ^Make that 42 years now, since I recommended Dianetics to him¸¸¸¸ who has signed a billion year soulful contract. He thinks L. Ron Jr. is the antithesis of a 'realized being' and all Scientologists HATE him. That is a pretty good recommendation in itself, if you look closely at this organization that uses every hypnotic and other mind-control method available to milk people of everything including their soul. If it isn't 'organized crime' I don't know what is! Yet, in the scheme of things they tell more truth than most who they imitate - like psychiatry and education. Ritalin is a favourite rallying point of theirs.}

Simply put, it's like a tunnel or an avenue or a doorway. {Meditation takes one through this to the white light that afterlife portends. In this process the physical individual on the Scientology pathways never gets to the next realm, unless at the OTO [Ordre Templis Orientalis] 'fin-de-siecle' suicidal retirement plan, that Hubbard studied in the Crowleyan Thelemic school as noted in many documents - but the Scientologists say he was working as an undercover agent. FOR WHOM?!}. Pulling that power into yourself through another person--and using women {In the Crowleyan adaptation of the Star-Fire Ceremony which uses 'Scarlet Women' for the monthly menstruum so full of hormones like melatonin. Hubbard also was a Rosicrucian.}, especially -- is incredibly insidious {Even Crowley thought Hubbard was a nut to think he could command the goddess Babalon to do his bidding.}. It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student. It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind-phuck, instead of going for the blood, you're going for their soul. And you take drugs in order to reach that state {The drug thing is OUT now that L. Ron Sr. was drugged out of his miserable existence.} where you can, quite literally, like a psychic hammer, break their soul, and pull the power through. He designed his Scientology Operating Thetan techniques to do the same thing. But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega-thousands of dollars {Current data suggests the coursework to 'the Bridge' runs over $300,000 dollars. My brother gives donations to causes like prison programs and mental health as well. His daughter is a slave at the Clearwater HQ, who works for nothing, etc.} for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty--shattered into a million pieces. It may sound like incredible gibberish, but it made my father a fortune {The Church(?) got $600,000,000 from his estate and it was likely a murder according to some knowledgeable officials.}." (2)

In Egypt there is a temple with drawings on the walls or plaques that show souls inside tubes. This temple of Denderah is probably an archaeological proof of what has been going on in most adept religious pursuits for millennia if not eons. The cult of the dead was hallucinogenically enhanced by the Anatolian Blue Lotus which I think was developed in Smyrna, Turkey where the Onassis Merovingians originate. Hubbard was a major druggie. Crowley was claimed by Hubbard as 'his close personal friend' in the Philadelphia Lectures that psychology thought his ideas were worth considering in the early 50s. Crowley was the self-avowed '666' and he apparently never actually (physically) met Hubbard. Yet Hubbard claims to be a continuance of Crowley just as Crowley claimed the same in the line of Caligostro and Eliphas Levi, among others. The 'soul-grabbing' possibility is not mere 'hocus-pocus'; you should be concerned about how your own soul is pre-empted by 'beliefs' you have little personal control and knowledge over or about.

In the early 80s around the time this interview with Hubbard Jr. took place, I dated a woman who wanted to marry me. She was from the Anderson family, and her mother was the head of the Masonic women's league which she called the Emerald Society. She was a down to earth sort of person who seemed OK and knew of my interests in esoteric 'philosophy. I knew little about the Anderson's and the Constitutions by that name which are central to the Masonic order (based on recent research, I've done.). She falls into the category of those relationships I couldn't trust the motives of, due to my money; but she doesn't fall into the category of cultist or fool. In fact my own issues and lack of maturity at handling these insecurities were more of the problem that caused me not to be able to handle what others felt was success.

Her mother was old and suffering from some kind of certain illness. It was a two year period during which she endeavoured to convince my lady's sister and her own daughter to allow a soul transfer to occur so that her mother would possess the body and control the mind of her daughter. The uses of rituals according to old books in the Masonic/ Rosicrucian theology were involved. Sounds ridiculous, and I only have her word and the word of someone who introduced her to me a year earlier, to confirm it. The Hubbard/ Crowley/Levi/Randolph story is a corollary to it, and there are other similar possessions I've helped overcome since. The situation sounds unbelievable when I say; the daughter killed the mother and told the truth. She was charged with murder. The courts let her off with time served, when the trial was through. That was not a long time, because she pled guilty! It is possible this 'Emerald Society' was an inner sanctum group aligned with the knowledge of Hermes (previously Thoth's and Ptah's knowledge) that existed in ancient Egypt and is reflected in the Emerald Table or Tablet. This is not a reincarnate soulful transition but is a way of avoiding death.
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Robert Baird
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I could have posted this under the OOBE thread but since I mentioned remote viewing here and since we are addressing what interplay there is between dimensions it works here.



 "We are told by Herodotus that in the temple of Bel in Babylon, a priestess lay on a bed ready to dream visions of the second class, and that the beds of such soothsayers were often made of the skin of a ram --is well known.

 {This is the Keltic god known as Ba'al by the Phoenicians, Bel might have been in Babylon through the Byblos city on the Persian Gulf that sold ships to the Egyptians in 2900 BC. Later Byblus in Lebanon is thought to be what some [who try to limit Phoenician interest] call Byblos as a small part of a decreasing international influence.}

 The ancient Hebrews obtained such dreams by sleeping among tombs, and this especial gateway to the supernatural world seems to have been, and still is known to the majority of nations, primitive and civilized, as intimately as hypnosis and other methods of reaching its planes and hearing its pronouncements. Sleep was, of course, often induced by drugs, whether the soma of the Hindus, the peyote of the ancient Mexicans, the hashish of the Arabs, or the opium of the Malays or Chinese, and these narcotics which have the property of inducing speedy sleep and of heightening inward vision were and still are greatly prized by professional dreamers allover the world, especially as they rendered dreaming almost immediately possible." (10)

 'Professional dreamers' following visions from above and divining our future, quickly became willing to sell their advice to those who threatened them if they didn't. The dependence on such easy answers continues among the mass of population 'til this moment as 'experts' and politicians join the media in a free for all. We believe the breakdown in matriarchal influence and egalitarian governance created this cauldron of deceit in the Mediterranean after the influx created by the rising waters that formed the North Sea due to glacial effects if not sooner, when the northern 'Hyperboreans' colonized the area. The issue of what is real about dreams is open for debate to say the least but there are many who think they can interpret the chaos of these partial insights. Personally I enjoy the practice, if there is something positive to say but I regard 'free will' as the most important ingredient in what really makes the world 'go round'. William James and his book 'Pragmatism' was important to Carl Jung whose work in dream interpretation sets the stage for many symbolic and archetypal interpreters to this day.

 "The first treatise on the subject was that of Artemidorus, who lived in the time of Antonius Pius. He differentiated between the dreams of kings and those of commoners, as he believed that the visions of royalty must have reference to the commonwealth {The Bible and the plagues predicted by Joseph, for example.} and not to the individual {No reason in common sense or science to believe this. Carl Jung was a commoner who saw the First World War in advance. Tesla's vision led to many great and useful inventions - however dreams are seldom so vivid or what one can call 'flashes of illumination' - that is an entirely different phenomena.}. Dreams which represented something as happening to the individual who dreams them, show that they have a personal significance, whereas if the dream relates to another it will concern him alone. He detailed the numerous species of dreams throughout five books, and then adduced numerous examples. The rules of Artemidorus are far from clear, and according to them, any dream might signify any event, and any interpretation of the same might be considered justifiable.

 The method of testing dreams according to Amyraldus in his 'Discours sur les Songes divins' (Saumur, 1625) is whether the instructions and advice that they contain make for good or ill--a test it is impossible to apply until after the result is known. But Amyraldus surmounts this difficulty by proposing to test dreams by the evidence they show of divine knowledge--by asking oneself in short, whether the dream it was desired to examine gave any evidence of such things as God alone could know.

 It would seem from an examination of such dreams as were submitted to the diviners of antiquity that the symbolism they exhibited was of a character so profound that it could only be unriddled by an interpreter who received divine aid, such as was afforded in the case of Moses or Daniel in the Bible. It is plain, however, that the most far-fetched interpretations were given to many of the most epoch-making dreams of antiquity, and indeed, the oneiocritical {Greek dream interpreters} system is one of the weakest spots in the armor of occult science, and was the first of its departments to fall into disrepute and become the prey of charlatans.

 There are serious students of the occult who doubt entirely the occult significance of dreams, and it must be granted that no good reason exists for classing them generally with the vision, or a condition of 'second sight' or ecstasy." (11)

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My Soul's continence has improved considerably since it switched to Depends.  I have an Old Soul.

How do they get the "m" on the M&M?

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Robert Baird
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When you hear the word 'divination', chances are that certain images-- will spring to mind: dark gypsy fortune-tellers, tea-leaves, and crystal balls; a scene in a movie when the Ace of Spades falls in a card game or a strange figure draws the Tarot trump Death; charlatans, ouija boards, and phony swamis; or, perhaps, witch doctors and medicine men chanting around a fire. If you look a little deeper, you might see another kind of image lurking in the background: dark magicians in graveyards seeking forbidden knowledge, conjuring demons and the spirits of the dead.

These images express attitudes - ridicule and fear - with a long history. For well over a thousand years, divination was a mortal sin and a capital crime in Western culture, a 'conversation with the devil' that was banished along with the old gods and the wise women. Divination is a central part of pagan culture and the pagan sense of a cosmos or 'living- world'. With the rise of the Church to political power in late antiquity, the old gods of this culture became devils and the living world became their work. With the rise of our modern 'scientific laws' of cause and effect, the devils in turn became superstitions, tales told by those considered to be marginal or uneducated such as women, lunatics, criminals, and savages. In spite of our inherited assumptions, divination is not a collection of superstitions. It is an outlawed way of knowing and speaking with a living world, a world ensouled and full of spirit." (1)

Every aspect of life and many of the things considered to have no life or soul have been used in telling the intent and flow of nature. To say there is no destiny is common among the artists or scientists of each divinatory method and all understand the part we have to play. In the world of 'seems to be' that focuses on material and 'real' causes that MUST be seen (what can be called the "Toilet Philosophy") there is more superstition and destiny type of ideologies. Astrology is a refined mathematical method that has been considered a science even during the proscriptions against divinatory methodology and the rulers often were engaged in doing that which they tried to stop others from doing. We have dealt with some general divinatory methods such as 'divining rods' in 'Science' and we will cover others as we move along. The art and talent of knowing yourself and your 'center' or soul is clearly something 'free' and beyond acceptance of interpreters or priests. It was necessary to stop this freedom in order to gain total power or as close to it as possible. This book has an Orisha practice that is used in supposedly Christian Santeria. Having studied the use of what they call 'El Coco' or the casting of coconut shells I made a point to look for it. To my surprise I saw a word that looked much like Ogham or Ogam, which are variations of Ogham. The word 'ogun' was part of the process in what I think was one of the earliest methods of divination outside personal judgement or intuition.

To center oneself in Bibliomancy is a good way of showing what an important flux or conduit our soul can be in taking all things into consideration rather than just what the eyes or ears perceive, and the mind or ego often insist is the only reality to recent western theology. 'The Book of Answers' gives a short description of the process we think will be helpful for learning to accept your soul does exist and wisdom doesn't always allow itself to be seen.

How to Use the Book of Answers

1. Hold the closed book in your hand, on your lap, or on a table.

2. Take 10 or 15 seconds to concentrate on your question. Questions should be phrased closed-end, E.G. 'Is the job I'm applying for the right one?' or 'Should I travel this weekend?'

3. While visualising or speaking your question (one question at a time). Place one hand palm down on the book's front cover and STROKE THE EDGE of the pages, back to front.

4. When you sense the time is right, open the book and there will be your answer.

5. Repeat the process for as many questions as you have." (2)

My recommendation is to ask only important questions and make sure you have no other questions in your mind at the time. In beginning to read a book it is good to do this and then record what you read and thought about the contextual idea expressed. When you have read the whole book turn back to what your first question was and see if you found the most important part for yourself at that point in time. This will test your effectiveness in centering yourself as well as attuning with the knowledge in the books you read.

Many methods of intuitive thought are forms of divination. The common way we judge people by body movement and language has been very popular in sales as long as salesmen or saleswomen have been on this earth. Many top corporations ask astrologers to give their input on important decisions once they've narrowed their choices and contemplated their options. It is never a bad thing to have one's mind open to other possibilities and opportunities. However, over-dependence and reliance on such things will turn the process into a fear-driven experience that has no freshness or attunement at all, and may lead to negative self-fulfillment. If you are doing Tarot readings for yourself or any one person it is said every two weeks is enough. Bibliomancy answers are different because Tarot integrates many aspects beyond your primary question.

1) The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Divination, by Stephen Karcher, Element Books, Shaftesbury, 1997, pg. 7.

2) The Book of Answers, by Carol Bolt, 1999, Hyperion, front of book with no page numbers.