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09-19-2015, 10:31 AM #1
Robert Baird
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Atl-atl weapons and the beginning of tools
Professor Jesse Jennings has this important hunting technology invented in the Atlanta area around the 9th Millennium BCE. I think it is proof of ocean travel and came to the Americas with the people we see over 50,000 years ago in Topper.

Andrew Collins would make hay with a connection to the name and Atlantis, but it existed before the name Atlantis probably and Atlantis is a myth for making it appear all early travel around the world is also a myth.


There is a growing acceptance of what once was a known fact - the Old Copper Culture and North American metal-working including spalling which leads to alloys. The Smithsonian brought all experts to the task in the late 19th C. and said it was as important as the Giza Plateau. So why was it thrown on the dung heap? Why is it still blasphemy to talk about smelting in Peru making an iron crowbar even though it exists. Why? Because if it were proven that people from all over the world were here long before the Clovis crap about some Bering Bridge 12,000 years ago. If we knew much of what the world scientists have brought to the table was from the Americas which had the best cities and culture just before invaded and ripped off under the banner of Manifest Destiny. Maybe the courts would allow claims of Sovereign Rights for people of the Brotherhood who have been genocidally abused and persecuted with many entire cultures wiped out forever.

The following site still talks Clovis nonsense regarding the Atl-Atl. http://copperculture.homestead.com/atlatl.html

But the same site is a little better when it refers to Euro-centric bias and lies in another section.


Sardinia's castles in the era before Rome and as far back as the Hyksos rule in Egypt had cross bows and could defend every inch of the large island. No explanations forthcoming from academia. In fact you'll hear more about alien intervention than such facts. I say "pluck yew" (which is the derivation of the phrase often heard 'f*ck you') to those who think modern weapons up until the second world war were significantly better than the ancients.

"Its size suggests that it was one of the most powerful bows of its era. Historical texts indicate that its firing range could have been up to 2,600 feet, according to Huashang Newspaper, which is double the range of an assault rifle, which is about 1,300 feet.

Some historians believe that analysis of a number of historical texts shows that the crossbow was integral to several important military victories of the period."



The Phoenician ships which traveled the oceans of the whole world had windlass technology which I say lead to this crossbow technology. The force exerted in a storm wound up the ropes a lot more than any person could handle so they also had huge catapults to shoot things at each other, and throw bodies with THE Plague over walls.