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Getting close to God

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Robert Baird
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Since so many here are either so-called Christians or Islamist types; it behooves you to learn your roots. It would be nice to have a debate about Kaballah or even the Cabalah (which is corrupted in order to form a bridge with the entirely corrupt Roman Empire or Pauline Christianity). A Cabal of power-mongers will seldom meet god but they might meet a "Motorcycle Maintenance" expert from the later Zen which the following correctly maintains MIGHT be part of the same root for all cults of the people of Abraham when it mentions Tantra is closely connected. For certain we now know from the Dead Sea Scrolls there was a Buddhist element at Qumran. But long before that the Magi and Sarman had time in India and elsewhere.

The meaning of God and the potential of your soul can come to you through Qabala. The following explains the cults surrounding a later version of Qabala more accurately than any I have seen. Does that make any of it correct or true? No, it does not. I regard Qabala as maintained by the bards or story-tellers began before writing and probably before spoken language.

"The word Qabalah (lit. receiving, also "welcoming of God") alludes to a dynamic state of direct communication and mystical union of the individual soul with the Divine. In that sense, it is synonymous with the Sanskrit word Yoga (lit. union with or absorption in the Divine). The word "Qabalah" is often seen transliterated as "Kabbalah" or "Cabala." However, the word begins with a Qof, and not a Kaf, and only has one Beyt, not two. Hence, the Work of the Chariot uses the spelling "Qabalah" in referring to the universal mystical spirituality of the Mystical Qabalah. The spelling "Kabbalah" is generally used to designate the religious-based Jewish Kabbalah of the Pharisaic Rabbinical tradition. The spelling "Cabala" is generally used to designate the Christian Cabala that evolved to portray elements of Roman Catholic dogma as the fulfillment of the Jewish Kabbalah."

The letter "h" is a phonetic sound known as an aspirant and did not exist in most alphabets until recent times.

"The universal mystical spirituality of the children of Abraham is a robust, precious, and little known heritage upon which the fabric of the Judaic, Christian, Islamic, and perhaps even the Tantric religions are woven. In this book, that heritage is called the Mystical Qabalah."

Few who profess to know God will ever come close to s/h/it.

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Robert Baird
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Seems people love easy answers so long as they don't have to think or perform good acts while stealing and testifying or confessing.


If our junk DNA has Aramaic in it as one of our contributors says a linguist at Robert Jones University says then this genetic study by gays could be true.


Is psychiatry losing students who once flocked to it because society has recognized some of it's many flaws (Torture like ECT, drug overdosing etc). Do psychiatrists and Medical Doctors who are Christian and Jews or Islamics actually forget their own brainwashed ideologies? I can tell you they are just human. Present day medical doctors in the Christian faith are still discussing demonization and how to treat it. You know it was a lot worse a little while ago. If you did not believe in witches you were a heretic or some form of demon masquerading as normal. If you were a woman you were automatically suspect of witchcraft and if you said you did not believe in witches - watch out for any man who wanted to jump your bones saying you were a witch. So you were simply living between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Women are still stoned to death for sexual misconduct in Greece. It is OK for her husband to run around but not the woman. The Gett in Jewish culture still maintains shunning or ostracizing for keeping a woman in her place. Sorry, but the issue has not gone away and schools are not allowed to address the issues of Family Violence. I am also willing to debate that point if any teacher wants to tell me about what they are allowed to address - it is not the whole issue and schools have to concern themselves with lawsuits by teacher pedophiles too.}


From the above.

In order to answer some of these questions, we need to turn to the New Testament accounts of demonisation. Jesus clearly cast evil spirits out of many people who He met (Mt 4:24, 8:16; Mk 1:32, 4:41). However, we are told about 6 cases in some detail:
•The demon possessed Gerasene(s): Mt 8:28-34; Mk 5:2-20; Lk 8: 26-39
•A demon possessed mute man: Mt 9:32-34; Lk 11:14-26
•A demon possessed blind and mute man: Mt 12:22-28
•The Canaanite or Syro-Phoenecian woman's daughter: Mt 15:22-28; Mk 7:25-30
•An epileptic boy: Mt 17:15 -21; Mk 9:14-2 9; Lk 9:3 8-43
•The man in the synagogue at Capernaum: Mk 1:21-28; Lk 4:33-36
From these accounts. we may see that there is a diversity in the presentation of demon possession. The demon possessed Gerasene showed enormous strength, cried out loudly, engaged in deliberate self-harm, and immediately recognised Jesus as the Son of God. Others were mute, or blind and mute, or epileptic. We must, therefore, be wary of imagining that there are invariable and characteristic signs or symptoms of demonisation. We must also, apparently, look out for demonic influence in the neurology clinic as well as in the psychiatric clinic. Clearly, differential diagnosis along traditional medical lines is going to be a very difficult if not futile exercise, even if we accept the Biblical accounts as providing a comprehensive picture of the different possible presentations. In fact, it would appear more reasonable to argue that the Biblical presentations are so diverse that they probably represent just a small proportion of the full spectrum of possibilities. It would seem, therefore, that the exercise of a spiritual gift (1 Cor 12: 10) would be likely to be more useful than the application of medical knowledge when a person is demon possessed, although a knowledge of psychiatric illness is undoubtedly of value in continuing the diagnosis of a psychiatric illness when one is present.

The relationship between demonisation and mental illness

Why, then, is psychiatry particularly thought of as being the area of medicine in which demon possession is most likely to be encountered? It is true that behavioural disturbance, and deliberate self harm, such as that presented by the Gerasene, might also accompany psychiatric disorder. In fact, the range of possible differential diagnoses in this case is probably quite wide. In the other Biblical cases, loss of sight or hearing, and epilepsy, could all have an hysterical basis rather than being due to a neurological diagnosis. Roy Clements has also suggested that the voices reported as those of demons might be the alter-egos of multiple personality disorder. (It is worth noting, though, that this is a contentious diagnosis, which is rarely made in the UK at the present time). However, there are no scriptural accounts of demonisation which sound particularly like schizophrenia as we see it today. Furthermore, there is every reason to believe that most prevalent psychiatric disorders may have more to do with environmental stress, psychological or biological vulnerability, and social deprivation rather than the influence of evil spirits.
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Robert Baird
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I sincerely hope this link will be accessible for you. It takes a spiritual journey into Kaballah and the southern tradition or Tree of Life. Numerous healers are saying great things about it and I see the Mudras are there - which I have helped people use (Like Gurdjieff) to balance their hemispheres and combat depression, schizophrenia and ADHD etc.

Here is a little from the book, it gives a link to another book so you are getting a lot of free books. It says the Zohar was drafted in Spain and talks a great deal about history which Daniel Matt who is the current top scholar on the Zohar does not agree with - but historical attributions is not what he is selling and his Jewish religious indoctrination is not what it is all about either. So don't assume from words like Grand Creator that he is another Mason with Grand Architect input. All these systems claim to originate the thought to some degree - and I have yet to find any truly new system or discipline which has merit. That includes Masonry which some authors say is derived from and organized by Rabbinical or Hassidic Jewry. (Piatigorsky in Who's Afraid of the Freemasons) Masonry is also a system which promotes other thought it claims to originate - including Zen which I doubt.

"Man/woman is a microcosm of a grand Creator and this relationship is evident in these teachings.

The Zohar, or Book of Splendor, is a multi-volume book that may stem from 13th century Spain, but is quite likely to have much earlier origins. {In the thoughts it includes the origins in the Northern Trads seem oldest but I am now moving to say even before white man existed the DNN are the Ainu.} It gives a mystical commentary on the Torah, and offers elaborate descriptions of the Tree of Life and the qualities of its various aspects.

Most modern books on the Kabbalah provide commentary and specific discussion on the early texts. The mysticism remains the same, but people of different levels of knowledge and degree of inner development provide their interpretation. Obviously, some of these observations are more useful than are others.

A book that has had a great influence on my own under-standing of the Kabbalah is Qabalah, The Mystical Teachings of the Children of Abraham, by Daniel Feldman of the Work of the Chariot (Qabalah indicates the mystical approach). The author makes this complex subject clear and intelligible. Any serious student of the Mysteries should read this book, which is universal in its presentation. You should consider it a companion book to this one, as it will enhance your understanding of the Kabbalistic material in this book. Much of the information from
Feldman’s book, including a downloadable PDF copy of his book, is also available online at www.workofthechariot.com.

The specific letter pathways of the Tree of Life that Feldman describes are the ones used in this book. Of the many pathway correlations expounded by different authors, only Feldman’s scenario tests to work in the body, as you will
learn in Chapter 11."


The exposure of propaganda is important for real knowledge to begin.


You will find a load of cr*p on Wikipedia and a lot of denial about occult or spiritual reality. It should surprise no one that although they do allow and seek contributions from many; that they have censors who are closed-minded and educated by a paradigm which includes Christianity and it's influence over law, education and indeed the perspectives of society-at-large. As you read how they do this to the Magi including Zoroaster in this link look for proof they quote about how ancient alchemy or hermetics is - and know that they are contradicting many other articles of theirs.


I have friends in the mundane world who have a hard time believing there are official exorcists in today's churches. This link will show the Catholics are increasing the number of them.

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