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Revelation Trumps Observation?

09-19-2015, 01:35 AM #1
Robert Baird
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"Revelation Trumps Observation"
Here are nine world-changing (actually more of an affirmation of religion and secrets being kept hidden) maps. I note that Roger of Sicily is a Norse or Viking leader in control of Sicily for those who think elites weren't always travelling and sharing their secrets. I include a great deal of what genetics now knows as once held secret knowledge - and the internet had an ancient corollary in ESP communication or contact of an astral nature among adepts. I am sure that many verbal traditions talk about a wide variety of hominids and yet it was not long ago that science told us there was no inter-marrying and we all came from Africa less than a 100,000 years ago. Some people have family records of meeting these hominids. This link has another recent hominid discovery and scientists who seem to continue trying to maintain the old theories despite all the recent facts. They do admit they might be wrong and that is refreshing. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/scienc...341352/?no-ist And this from a little earlier than Denisovan and a new Iberian find - who knows how many and when it started. http://scholar.google.ca/scholar_url...=0CB8QgAMoAjAA More DNA facts. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/...es-dna-stunner


Now we should ask what is your school teaching about trade routes and colonialism. Are they telling us that they have an absolute black and white answer or are they trying to get students to think and ask questions. Here I give you some questions and then you can look at what schools say and do - I will give a link to such questions.

1. How was it possible for Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia) to have the Treaty of Tordesillas ready even before Columbus returned from his first voyage to America? The Treaty gave two lackey states he controlled completely half the world each. Who gave Columbus maps before he went to America and why did he take trinkets (China trade routes over land and sea to the east were well travelled and trinkets weren't in demand there.) and disease ridden fleas on dogs?

2. His Papal Bull over the heads of Ferdinand and Isabella would have made them heretics suitable for burning. What do you think was Rodrigo's real interest? Piety or profit - explain why. From Wiki which is still telling the lie about Isabella funding Columbus on his first trip to America - which was done by Jews threatened with exile and extinction if they did not convert before the end of the day Columbus sailed. "On 18 October 1469, the formal betrothal took place.[19] Because Isabella and Ferdinand were second cousins, they stood within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity and the marriage would not be legal unless a dispensation from the Pope was obtained.[20] With the help of the Valencian cardinal Rodrigo Borgia (later Alexander VI), Isabella and Ferdinand were presented with a supposed papal bull by Pius II (who had died in 1464), authorising Ferdinand to marry within the third degree of consanguinity, making their marriage legal.[19] Afraid of opposition, Isabella eloped from the court of Henry with the excuse of visiting her brother Alfonso's tomb in Ávila. Ferdinand, on the other hand, crossed Castile in secret disguised as a servant. They were married immediately upon reuniting, on 19 October 1469, in the Palacio de los Vivero in the city of Valladolid.[21]" Please remember that a whole lot of what you might read under titles like Prophecy or Revealed truth will in the end be simple appeals to ego in hopes of personal gain and aggrandizement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Prophecies

3. When Marco Polo went to China for seventeen years, why did the Khan say he would make all his people Catholics if Marco could bring scholars to show him and his advisors that Catholics knew anything of great value. Why did Marco stop when he had enough slaves to barter when he was on the return trip? http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/mongol...lass_marco.htm

4. Explain the impact on mercantilism when the Templars released detailed maps of all water routes around Europe. Research the Portolan Maps and give a guess when the data on them was first studied. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...052104713.html

5. What was the Hanseatic League and is there any organization today that they remind you of, or might still be the same enterprise?