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Corrupt Churches

09-19-2015, 12:14 AM #1
Robert Baird
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Maybe someone should list all 25,000 Christian denominations alongside the Bible (Like Gideon's Holy Bible found in sleazy motel rooms) they have altered or which OFFICIAL one they use. Most probably have a variation of the deviate murder King Jame's Bible.


 There are good things done by the hegemony. The Shriner's Hospital is one fine example to be sure. But when these organizations took control of the institutions of charity things started downhill fast. I am pretty sure that no open-minded person could read my books on Synarchy and not be fairly certain that the Catholic Church and the hierarchy of elitists that include the Shriners and lesser Masons are in fact run or managed by the same people. But to recap briefly I advise that the interested person could check out St. Columba acting as Arch or 'High' Druid at the Synod of Drum Ceatt and then follow the Isle of Druids (Iona) monastic Order into the Cistercians and other Inner Sanctums or bowels of this behemoth. There they will find Hibernians like St. Bernard who walked both sides of the Cathar issue and helped create the Grail legends to cover up the facts of secret trade the Cathars and family of Jesus or other paladins were engaged in. Along this path are many good people including St. Columba and Pelagius as well as those Cathars who wanted to bring humanity out of the Dark Ages. It is not a black and white simple matter to be sure. There is no 'easy' answer especially when sophisticated power elites have the arm of academia to twist or coerce through funding their projects.

 The level of naïveté never ceases to amaze me. My own family has treated me as a pariah or paranoid at times. The good Masons who tell me how they do good work actually cannot see the small percentage of the massive wealth that goes to fund the window-dressing operations. They see millions go to these causes and do not see the trillions going elsewhere or they take the 'trickle-down' they are allowed to feast upon and think how much better off they are than the rest of life on earth who is not sold out to this game of corrupt and soulless cretins who would rather wield power than see all life on earth be wealthier than they are. Yes, it is possible to make everyone a very wealthy person. People become supporters and proselytizers for nations (Divine Kings outgrowth) or dogma (Manifest Destiny) and feel important as they exercise their 'Right' to be more than their wife or child. The Cycle of Violence and laws that maintain it and the wars or religions (tax free) are all a part of this game or Hegelian Dialectic in the Platonic or top-down hierarchy.

 The pride in the face of the bible-thumper who never studied to be an adept like Jesus and needs to believe only God's 'only begotten' can do the things he (Yeshua) and his family have often done is far more than merely false pride. It endangers the soul of all life on earth. The census continues to ask questions that support this lawful (horrific) cause. Here is a fine example of how this infects our picture or management of society. It comes from 19th Century Trinidad but Jedi students in Australia or England know the same thing goes on in the 21st Century. The church that thinks ecumenicism is when Christian denominations agree, is a church that needs to be taxed and found guilty of much more than supporting p***philia or destroying the Native culture, such as has been happening in the courts of Canada.

 "The grant was based on the proportion of adherents in the Christian community. No religious census of the population was taken in 1861, 1871 and in 1881. Roman Catholic members of the Legislative Council opposed an inquiry into the religious persuasion of the people for the fear that the results might lead to a reduction in their allotment of the Ecclesiastical Grant. [The Maritime Presbyterian, Vol. II, No. 6, June 15, 1882, p. 165]" (6)

The Vatican Bank is one of the most mysterious institutions in the world. The completely independent financial institution is run by the Catholic Church, and until 2013, had never released so much as a financial report.
Pope Francis is finally attempting to shed some light on the fabled bank.  Under his watch, investigators have closed more than 3,000 suspect accounts, long-standing bank officials have been fired and the institution now serves only Catholic institutions, clergymen and diplomats within the Vatican. The pope even reportedly considered closing the bank after a scandal in January of 2014 where Msgr. Nunzio Scarano, then-accountant for the Vatican’s real estate holdings, was arrested for attempting to use the bank to smuggle and launder millions of Euros. 

In his book, “God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican,” investigative journalist Gerald Posner, who was raised Catholic, dives deep into the shrouded history of the Vatican Bank. That history includes sordid stories of financial alliances with Germany during World War II, and Italian mobsters in the 1980s.

Prior to 1942, the Vatican handled its money elsewhere but during WWII decided it needed its own bank. “Why did the Vatican need a central bank all of a sudden?” Posner asks. “It needed it because the Americans and British were trying to stop money going to Nazi Germany, and the Vatican knew that. It wanted to play both sides of the game by making money with the West and making money with the Italian and Germans, and the only way to do that was to have its own bank.” He alleges that the Vatican Bank would knowingly invest in companies through Italian proxies that would steal money from Holocaust victims.

Posner believes that Pope Francis is the “real deal,” and that he’s certainly reforming the bank and applying EU transparency rules as best he can. But Posner says the main question is whether Pope Francis will apply this transparency to the history of the bank, “meaning will he go back and open up the Holocaust files about the Vatican Bank so that historians and investigators can see the extent of their involvement?”

Posner firmly believes that there is no way the bank would ever consider reparations to the families of Holocaust victims. “When it comes to giving out money, the answer is always ‘no’,” he says. “Even with this pope.” In the 1990s, there was a push for restitutions by Holocaust survivors against insurers and companies who had engaged in using Jewish slave labor. “The Vatican was the only entity that refused to open up its files or to cooperate or to give a dollar,” says Posner.

A reason that the U.S. was never very upset with the unethical practices of the Vatican Bank, says Posner, is because it also cooperated with the CIA in an alliance against communist countries. He claims that the Polish pope, John Paul II, funneled millions of dollars through the Vatican Bank covertly back to Poland to fund the revolution.
Posner says that there is no real need for the Vatican Bank, and that the Vatican could easily handle its finances through correspondent banks. “Remember this is a bank that doesn’t give out any loans, it doesn’t have to turn a profit by its own charter,” he says. He calls the bank an “offshore bank in the middle of Rome.” Wealthy Italians would only have to find one priest willing to deposit their money in the bank and Italian authorities wouldn’t know about it.

IN Godfather III the Al Pacino character tries to meet the bankers and the then Pope who was assassinated seems amenable but also suggests he himself was not able to influence them - the Rothschilds.
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