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Robert Baird
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There are very few people who study or learn and many people who blame others for what is wrong. The Illuminati are the main target today and yet there is no such organization. Any who claim to be it (I have exposed as frauds) have an agenda but it is not Illuminized. There are millions of wise people all over this world who are Illuminati - but no such organization. The Bavarian Illuminati were an organization forced into the breech when the Jesuits were disbanded, and yes, the founders of the Jesuits were Alumbrados (trans Illuminati) members. That included Catherine de Medicis and a de Medicis adoptee named St. Germain was instrumental in founding France and the USA as we now know them (The Enlightenment Experiment). Yes, there are wise people who meet and talk and sometimes looking back on history we can say they were the planners for what happened.

 This is just one post of a thousand I can put here if people really want to start being part of the group which makes plans rather than blaming all those they are told to hate - starting with the Merovingian family of Jesus. It surprises me to see people hating on Jesus who they do not know is central to the Illuminized groups which Bible thumping despots like Fritz Springmeier say are our problem. If Jesus' family are not good and you really believe that - then you must surely think God was stupid in your myth about the immaculate conception which was an old myth revived many times.

 Of course I do not buy any myth - I seek truth.

 London School of Economics

George Bernard Shaw and his mistress Florence Farr of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (the more 'charmed' circle) are of paramount interest to my research. When I see Shaw being supportive of the communist effort and yet perhaps not fully aware of the corporate nature of Bolshevism - I wonder. Especially so - when I see him operating with the Merovingian Bertrand Russell and being a founder of the London School of Economics. But the reader might have to read my books on the Physiocrats and the Hegelian Dialectic to get a fuller picture of these issues.

"LSE has a glorious history. Our founders Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, and Graham Wallas worked with thinkers like Bertrand Russell to create an institution which could study human society, seek to understand and then improve it. Many social science subjects originated at LSE or were developed here. We can look at our past and see men and women who engaged with society and left a lasting contribution to the world we live in." (1)

There is no area of culture or media that is not used by social engineers and sophisticated manipulators. This is totally OK as far as I am concerned. I have no difficulty with the homogenization of culture as long as appreciation for ethnic art is maintained and it seems this can happen alongside that homogenization. But there is a larger ethical component to these efforts which are not exposed. The Black Ops programs that utilize all culture or fund the prevailing paradigm are serious matters of concern for me. If one looks deep into the history of the Saxons they will find this is a decidedly not 'new' World Order. Here is someone beating a Francophone tune that has to do with the google-izing force of Americanization or the New World Order proclaimed on the US dollar bill.


Damn!!! I clicked it and it did not work. It works on the full post which I broke in pieces and other stuff got lost. Here is a link to the full post.


The military use of propaganda is not new by any stretch of the imagination. People who accept nations and Empires as a natural and good outcome are in need of a slap in the face (and more).

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Robert Baird
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Thomas Carlyle understood the need for a paternalistic benefactor or hero and he also knew there were few ethical people who rose to such heights. His protégé John Ruskin has influenced the world in many ways I think Carlyle and his Hibernian influenced Illuminati (study Goethe and William of Hesse please) might not have agreed with. However, I am more than a little aware of the Hegelian Dialectic or 'play both ends against the middle' program. You might wonder if this all makes any sense at all. It really does not. You might think I am the one who makes no sense. I assure you I know what I am talking about but it cannot be conveyed in one book or even two. Here is some more to chew on. It includes the Rothschild backed Cecil Rhodes and leads to many modern Rhodes or Bilderberg 'front' men like Bill Clinton and his CIA Director Woolsey who properly says the War on Terror is WWIV. All these wars were planned by the likes of Rothschild and Albert Pike as the 19th Century came to a close. "That "simple desire" had been firmly implanted in Rhodes' bosom at Oxford by John Ruskin. Ensconced as the first Slade Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford in 1870, Ruskin's influence reached to all corners of the earth and is still widely felt, though seldom recognized, today. 'He hit Oxford like an earthquake,' wrote historian Carroll Quigley, 'not so much because he talked about fine arts, but because he talked also about the empire and England's downtrodden masses, and above all because he talked about all three of these things as moral issues.' Tolstoy regarded him as one of the greatest minds of any time or nation. Gandhi carried his message to India. G.B. Shaw and his Fabian Socialist cnfreres popularized Ruskin's thought worldwide." (2)

I greatly admire Annie Besant too. She started India as much as Gandhi did. She was one of the very few women to be a Mason and her Fabian influences are many.

If you like arguing about how many angels fit on the head of a needle you will like economists talking about genesis. The genesis of economics is much more ancient than we are told and David Korten is right despite what this critic says. (In the link near the bottom of the first post.) In fact if we knew more about the world before the meteor struck in 8350 BCE it would not surprise me if corporatism started a hundred thousand years ago.

Adam Smith was not the first economist as this author wants you to believe. His laissez-faire doctrinaire was important in the reviving world after the near total corruption and churchian influence we call the Dark Ages. However, I can prove the Physiocrats like Pierre Dupont de Nemours have a long history back to the five thousand years referred to by Korten. No polysci professor or economist wanted to debate me about these matters when I challenged them - because to the most part all they know about Physiocrats came from Wikipedia. Yes, they wanted to debate von Mises and others while I threw C. H. Douglas in their faces.

The Physiocratic mantra is "The government which governs best, governs least."

Guess who that benefits? It benefitted Pierre Dupont de Nemours who wanted tax to only be paid by land owners in the France of the Physiocrats but Adam Smith's biographers note there is a decided lack of questioning beyond a certain point in these thoughts. Dupont Corporation and selling armaments leads you to Eisenhower's MIC speech but it does not pin the tail on a donkey or person even though Bernard Baruch (translation meaning of the family of Jesus) profited through his corrupt running of the war procurement program.

But do ask me why I say that?
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Robert Baird
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The knowledge of the megaliths is not due to aliens as so many people have thought with help from the scriptures written to make some people all powerful.


This husband and wife team start off with an excellent quote full of insight from a man who learned about the Great Pyramid more than any alive in the present.

 ""The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite."

 Attributed to Pythagoras

 "We've entitled our current exercise in planetary grid research A New Synthesis" — and indeed we hope it is. All that may be new about our work is that we have simply found a unique blend of the previously "unblended" ideas of others. Those others are true visionaries in the areas of unexplained earth phenomena, human history, discovery, and the art-science of geometry (earth measure). Over the last year and six months, we've received literally hundreds of letters from researchers all over the globe — who are seeking a comprehensive explanation for a continuum of phenomena and events which traditional science emotionally rejects as "impossible", "hallucinatory," and/or "unquantifiable."

 Yet the events continue to be catalogued, with many reports suppressed or labelled "fraud" by orthodox scientists. Worldwide networks of questioning theorists persist and grow with each report. We will try to mention as many of our correspondents as we can within the text of this article. Several contributors, listed at the end. have truly transformed our view of this work.

 In 1200 A D., a new energy began to move within the cultures of the West. After centuries of obedient reflection within the established order of Roman Christianity, the spirit of individualism and exploration began to emerge. The 14th century great plagues of Europe {I prove the Catholic Church did this with intent. I have confessions, motives and opportunity. as well as the science of one of their scholars who told them about the Plague and how it worked.}, in which one fourth of the Continental population had died — with three out of four persons afflicted, had awakened in the West the archetypal imperative to "control Nature or die!" By the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci and the multi-disciplined geniuses of the Renaissance had rediscovered the lost scientific principles of pre-Christian Greece and Rome, and had invented the "view point" of the individual within their perspective drawing and painting systems. Paintings and public murals now began to put the individual at the center of a "world view" which, for the first time in centuries, conveyed the notion that through individual effort and analysis, the person — the viewer — could come to order and "control" the often hostile natural environment.

 This "individual point of view" (perspective view point on "horizon") required "detached awareness" (standing distant from that which is viewed) and a consummate dedication to visual detail and analysis in order to "render an in-depth perspective." The writing and journalism of today still ring with the Renaissance archetypes.

 Now it is 500 years later, and Leonardo's manifest symbol of individual view point and detachment has brought us to viewing video discs of the earth as seen from the moon. It has also brought us to the uneasy conclusion that our pre-Renaissance imperative to control Nature (literally "that which is born") or die has ushered us into a technological malaise where most of our man-made "natural" control systems are in crisis — especially those systems which exploit, pollute, or dramatically disturb the biospheric processes of the earth.

 Just as the perspective pictorial systems of the Renaissance artists "brought into focus" the unspoken cultural archetypes of their time, we feel that the current network of planetary grid researchers (of whom we are a part) may be on a similar path toward developing a unifying symbol of a new earth: a paradigm as transcendent over our passing "Iron Age" as the Renaissance was over the Dark Ages.

 What may make the proposition even more fascinating is the parallel analogy that — just as the driving force behind the creative energies of the Renaissance was the rediscovery of Greco-Roman science/philosophy; so with our planetary grid theorists, the driving force behind most research efforts is the continuing flow of evidence, both physical and metaphysical, that the existence of Pre-Egyptian civilizations — some with highly advanced technologies — is now no longer speculative, but a necessary assumption for developing any comprehensive archaeological treatise.'

 We believe that the planetary grid is an ancient model that brings control through comprehensive understanding and not through detached myopic analysis/manipulation. The contemporary video artist/philosopher Dan Winter expresses the idea beautifully.

 "Our destiny is to encounter our embracing collective mind with increasing intimacy and resonance. We awaken to a love life, in which personal love expands to planetary love — through this touching new body of mindfulness. A new body of mind crystallizes among us."2
 Illustration #1

 These stones on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England suggest a life of creative intellectual synthesis for the Neolithic craftsmen who crafted and "wrapped" them with leather thongs.

 Planetary Grid Researchers: Prehistoric to Present

 The oldest evidence of possible planetary grid research rests within the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, England. On exhibit are several hand-sized stones of such true geometric proportion and precise carving that they startle the casual viewer. Keith Critchlow, in his book Time Stands Still, gives convincing evidence linking these leather-thonged stone models (see illustration #1) to the Neolithic peoples of Britain — with a conservative date of construction at least 1000 years (ca. 1400 B.C.) before Plato described his five Platonic solids in the Timaeus.

 And yet, here they are — the octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron, and cube all arrayed for comparison and analysis. Other multi-disciplined archaeological researchers like Jeffrey Goodman3 and A.M. Davie4 have dated the stone polyhedra to as early as 20,000 B.C. and believe they were used as projectiles or "bolas" in hunting and warfare. Davie has seen similar stones in northern Scotland which he attributes to the early art of "finishing the form" of crystalline volcanic rocks which exhibit natural geometry. He dates these artifacts to at least 12,000 years before Plato (ca. 12,400 B.C.). Critchlow writes, "What we have are objects cleany indicative of a degree of mathematical ability so far denied to Neolithic man by any archaeologist or mathematical historian."

 In reference to the stones' possible use in designing Neolithic Britain's great stone circles he says, "The study of the heavens is, after all, a spherical activity, needing an understanding of spherical coordinates. If the Neolithic inhabitants of Scotland had constructed Maes Howe (stone circle) before the pyramids were built by ancient Egyptians, why could they not be studying the laws of three-dimensional coordinates? Is it not more than a coincidence that Plato as well as Ptolemy, Kepler, and Al-Kindi attributed cosmic significance to these figures." Yet another historian, Lucie Lamy, in her new book on the Egyptian system of measure gives proof of the knowledge of these basic geometric solids as early as the Egyptian Old Kingdom, 2500 B.C.

 We agree, in general, with all the above researchers that the crafting of sophisticated three-dimensional geometries was well within the capabilities of Pre-Egyptian civilizations. With the concept that knowledge of these geometries was necessary to the building of stone circles and astronomical "henges" — we also agree — and would add that we have evidence that suggests that these hand-held stones were ' 'planning models,'' not only for charting the heavens and building calendrical monuments {See thread Pre-Neolithic Calendars}, but were also used for meteorological study; to develop and refine terrestrial maps for predicting major ley lines of telluric energy; and, in conjunction with stone circles, were used to construct charts and maps for worldwide travel long before the appearance of the pyramids.

 Take another look at the five Neolithic stones. Notice the placement of points on not only completed intersections where hongs connect — but on the ' 'open comers'' where thongs might be added. The central figure, the dodecahedron, has all twelve centers of its pentagonal faces marked with points for further 'wrapping" — as with the cube figure to the far right. Its corners are defined similarly by marked open points. Now note the tetrahedron, the second figure from the right Its four vertexes or corners, which traditionally define four triangles, have already been bisected by a second array of thongs defining another tetrahedron overlapping the first at midpoints. It is our contention that these stones were not wrapped and marked with leather to facilitate their use as "bolas" or projectiles. The stones and their varied nets are too delicate and complex to have been used as hunting and warfare shot.

 Their appearance struck us initially as ritual objects similar to the decorative reed spheres found in Southeast Asia; or as religious symbols such as the mysterious bronze and gold spheres found in France and Vietnam — which some say depict the ancient text of the Tao Teh Ching. {See thread Ogham and Aymara} It may well be that all of these hand-held objects served similar planning and mnemonic functions for the people who treasured and crafted them. (See illustration #2)"

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Robert Baird
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Robert Baird
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Merlin, Taliesin and More

When you see the name Taliesin or Merlin you are involved with many historical personages who took the mantle and name they bore. The same is true for Arthur and Camelot. You may think the name Camelot associated with the Kennedy family of recent date is not similar. I say it is and their lineage is Merovingian just as much as any. Archaeology near the site of Glastonbury (See Palestinian Thorn tree still growing there.) brought us a dig on one of those Arthur's castles and in it there was a Merovingian glass from southern France. The Kennedy line goes back to Brian Boru.

The Gaels or Gaedhils are the Milesians like ML-chhi-zadok and Brian Boru who the Kennedy family trace their roots to. Thus one can honestly say Camelot in Massachusetts is as real as the one in Glastonbury or Lyoness. They include Columbanus and Columcille (St. Columba) if you look under Gaedhil at Wikipedia. Thank god we have DNA now - it was a lot harder to prove my history and that of MacDari (The Masonic linguist whose book Irish Wisdom I spent twenty years researching after given the task to re-write it by my Ogham mentor.) before DNA. Due to the destruction of books and efforts to deny the truth of earlier culture called Atlantean by some, I had to scour every science and technology. The likes of Fin and his Fianna turned into real people as the years went by and other scholars were finding out that the Phoenicians are what we might call Atlanteans just as Plato did. Along the way I learned why I was selected - my last name is more than merely a Bard or Druid, and I am named after the man who reformed the Templars as the Societas Rosicruciana en Anglia. The Hibernians of Robert de Bruges and Royal Society of the Stuart (Hatti and Hittite) Kings and Newton et al. My father had a lot of knowledge and a few legends of our family but it took far more to accept my burden than mere wive's tales.

"In their own national epic contained within medieval works such as the Lebor Gabála Érenn, the Gaels trace the origin of their people to an eponymous ancestor named Goídel Glas. He is described as a Scythian prince (the grandson of Fénius Farsaid), who is credited within creating the Gaelic languages. Goídel's mother is called Scota, described as an Egyptian princess (some modern writers associate her with Meritaten). The Gaels are depicted as wandering from place to place for hundreds of years; they spend time in Egypt, Crete, Scythia, the Caspian Sea and Getulia, before arriving in Iberia. It is here that their king, Breogán, is said to have founded Galicia.

The Gaels are then said to have sailed to Ireland via Galicia in the form of the Milesians, sons of Míl Espáine. The Gaels fight a battle of sorcery with the Tuatha Dé Danann, the gods, who inhabited Ireland at the time. Ériu, a goddess of the land, promises the Gaels that Ireland shall be theirs so long as they give tribute to her. They agree, and their bard Amergin recites an incantation known as the Song of Amergin. The two groups agree to divide Ireland between them: the Gaels take the world above, while the Tuath Dé take the world below (i.e. the Otherworld).

Advances in DNA studies have revealed some clues about the origin of the Gaels (who are associated with paternal R-L21).[31] Haplogroup R originated 26,800 years ago in Central Asia during the Last Ice Age. The R1b branch had broken off by the Paleolithic and it's derivative R-M269 was found at the Pontic-Caspian steppe by the Chalcolithic (the Kurgan hypothesis makes these speakers of Proto-Indo-European).[31] First entering Europe proper 7,000 years ago, the Indo-Europeans developed bronze weapons and domesticated the horse, giving them the upper-hand in their conquest of the Old Europe and the proliferation of their lineages.[31] After the R-L51 subclade founded the Unetice culture, a derivative R-L21 moved West arriving in Britain c. 2100 BCE and Ireland c. 2000 BCE, becoming the Gaelic people.[31]"


As noted there are many Taliesins and the same is true throughout all of the history since Bards re-counted verbal traditions or Qabala in the very dark reaches of time immemorial. Here you will see a fable of how Taliesin came to be due to his mother's knowledge of alchemy (Pheryllts are the Druidic alchemists and F is Ph). It took a period of over a year to generate or manifest the INSPIRATION which is connected with him being found in a weir (Just as you later and earlier find Sargon and Moses in a basket going back to 2350 BCE in Anatolian archaeology.). Of course I am just engaging in speculation as any archaeomythologist or cryptic decipherer must do. I think Taliesin got the tincture of those three drops of INSPIRATION in his genetic make up and this allowed him to gain access beyond all others to his people's history.



IN times past there lived in Penllyn a man of gentle lineage, named Tegid Voel, and his dwelling was in the midst of the lake Tegid, and his wife was called Caridwen. And there was born to him of his wife a son named Morvran ab Tegid, and also a daughter named Creirwy, the fairest maiden in the world was she; and they had a brother, the most ill-favoured man in the world, Avagddu. Now Caridwen 471b his mother thought that he was not likely to be admitted among men of noble birth, by reason of his ugliness, unless he had some exalted merits or knowledge. For it was in the beginning of Arthur's time and of the Round Table.

So she resolved, according to the arts of the books of the Fferyllt, to boil a cauldron of Inspiration and Science for her son, that his reception might be honourable because of his knowledge of the mysteries of the future state of the world.

p. 472

Then she began to boil the cauldron, which from the beginning of its boiling might not cease to boil for a year and a day, until three blessed drops were obtained of the grace of Inspiration."

His mother according to this legend was able to decree (Manifest reality) what happened through INTENT beyond mere prayer.



Is there a discipline of greater integration than alchemy - no. Why do academics talk about it and know nothing about it?


Given that the Arab Encyclopedia addresses Pythagoras as an alchemist and Abaris headed the studies he was engaged in - I am confident Abaris was an alchemist.

If you need more than my word on it - it is another which joins many others including Eliade which I have given before this.

"Alchemy is a rich and complex esoteric tradition that has flourished world-wide since the beginning of recorded history, if not earlier. There are three main traditions: Western Christian, Indo-Tibetan and Chinese Taoist. Within this diversity there are many common features, which are analyzed, organized, and brought together in this comprehensive dictionary of terms, symbols, and personalities.

This dictionary is the distillation of many years' research into the extensive arcane literature. It is a reference work to guide the readers through the labyrinth of pre-Newtonian science and philosophy. The dictionary covers not only the materialist dimension of the search for the elixir of life and the transmutation of metals, but also the inner search for the gold of mystical illumination.

Jung called alchemy "the projection of a drama both cosmic and spiritual in laboratory terms". This opus alchymicum goes beyond the bare analysis and interpretation of terms to present a harmonic, integrated vision of man and nature, which may help to heal the fragmented world view of modern science."

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Yes Mr Baird is right

everyone should study how all stooges (from client states) that run governement are taught in this institution that is a psy op from the East India company, the City of London and the Brtitish Crown.

 London School of Economics


Proudly training slave tamers from all over the world...

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Robert Baird
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Can you write in sentences and form a cogent statement - or are you a frothing at the mouth animal who has nothing to say except all people who study are not better than you are.

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Hi mr Beard,

I don't get involved too much in thread started by individuals like you because, as you have shown in other thread, your views are not worth my time and arguing with you is almost a bigger waste of time then reading what you are spewing everywhere.

I'm sure that you have seen this tendency reflected by fellow board members judging by how people answer to your threads (they do not).

Since I have a life, I don't engage in time consuming arguments with people like you on the internet, I just point to trails that I have already explored and deem interesting. I make suggestions, then walk away.

You should try this MO, especially with me, as I join the long list of people who will not engage with you in anyways after this post, mainly because I don't want to become a miserable old dog like you that have lost all sense of civil manners, under the unjustifiable pretext that you are an old lonely dog.

Feel free to go back to disinfo sites like Jim Marrs, people won't miss you here. To me you are just selling your stuff and to not advertise your posts as such is very dishonest of you.


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Robert Baird
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Ah so!

I see you do not read and do not think and yet are sure you are right.

Please join the long list of people like yourself - and do what you say you will do - so those who do want to learn can easily read and be informed. This thread is one of many started because people have asked questions or expressed interest in the subject.

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Robert Baird, you post an awful lot of threads. You've posted around 100 since you joined a month ago. Does that seem like a lot to you? It does to me.
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