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New Stonehendge discovered

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I don't know much about Stonehendge but I have read it has something to do with the occult somewhere. I'll have to do some refreshing on that but exciting nonetheless. Sorry I don't have much to add but I feel like this is pretty amazing to post and see what you guys think. If anything, anyone care to explain about Stonehendge and it's mysteries?

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In a nutshell, I would say "deaties" and Jinns worship

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I thought they were worshipping particularly sun deity, because the sun looks so amazing from inside Stonehenge (judging on multiple pictures).

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Robert Baird
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It would be a decent question if you spelled Stonehenge correctly and you did not use terms like occult (hidden only from cultists who do not study) which like most people here the bulk of society do not know much about.

Yes, people were interested in the sun. It gives our Earth all that energy - plants and people need. The movement of the morning star (Venus is Lucifer in planetary knowledge) gives insight to the sun spot affects and other important stuff people needed to know. At some point during the pre meteor impact period around 8350 BCE a great deal of knowledge was lost to average people - some academics say there was a time when the whole population on Earth was reduced to just 10,000. I do not agree with that number but those are the same academidiots who say man knew little and did not travel the whole earth for at least a million years.

Well most men (people) today still know very little and they throw names around like Illuminati - which has to do with the light (sun and son) - see it in the word!! And they think those who kept studying and learning are bad because they try to make this world a better place. Thus EN- lighten - our planet by making it possible to control ego and power needs of corrupt priests and so on. I am sure you will not get this primer. The Organization of Bairds, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) in London today is a faulty neo-Druid group but you might start there. My name is a clue for you.
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Robert Baird
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As part of the research team that sought to know how advanced the ancient navigational equipment and computers or astrolabes were, Dr. Sentiel Rommel deserves credit he has not received; although it might be that credit would come in the form of ridicule such as was directed at Barraclough Fell. Here is an excerpt from The Epigraphic Society Occasional Publication no. 20 on pages 2-3 which makes mention of his assistance in these regards that prove Maui was not the only possessor of a Torquetum or Tanawa in pre-Christian times. The West Irian caves are near where archaeology found art dated to 520,000+ years ago - in 2014. That is almost a half million years before the Lascaux caves which many academics probably still think it the earliest human art. Art is a conceptual brain development and I think the Neanderthal are still with us in our blood.

Navigation equipment depicted in the Irian Caves From Commander F. E. Bassett, USN, Chairman, Navigation Department, United States Naval Academy (Annapolis): 22 November 1974 Your letter concerning the West Irian cave discoveries was received with great interest? The following comments are offered concerning the sketches. They are only educated guesses based on the collective knowledge of navigation department personnel of celestial navigation (we have no experts on navigation prior to the European Age of Discoveries. But we do have a number of texts that may point you in the correct direction in your search for a leading authority)?

a. no apparent significance.

b. Agreement. It would seem that the light ray is the only logical explanation. (Note by editor: this refers to the first figure in the series of diagrams published in Occ. Pub. No. 18. The sketch was submitted to the Naval authorities before the associated hieroglyphic text was identified and deciphered. The deciphered caption proved to read 'ray from the sun\.)

c. The drawing appears to resemble an explanatory diagram discussing the theory of parallel light rays from outer space. {Yes a crude form of radio telemetry greatly pre-dates the Great Pyramid which also had radio telemetry.}The theory assumes that the celestial bodies are at an infinite distance from the earth. (Note by editor: this refers to the second figure in Occ. Pub. No. 18. Here again Commander Bassett's interpretation is in excellent agreement with the hieroglyphic text subsequently deciphered.)

d. It is speculated that figure d is a diagram illustrating that one body would be observed at different altitudes from different positions of observers. (Note by editor: This refers to the third diagram in Occ. Pub. No. 18 for which no related text has been so far identified. Commander Bassett's suggestion seems to be a very reasonable and appropriate explanation of the diagram.)

Group 3. Items shown as anchors appear definitely to be anchors. Item A might perhaps be a grapnel hook. Items B and C could possibly be altitude measuring devices which use a plumb bob to establish the vertical. The circular portion may be inscribed with angular scale. {The Masonic T- square has this concept and may symbolize their ancient trading secret that enabled them to go to where they wanted and continue to trade for cocaine, emeralds and gold without much competition for many millennia. I will cover this in greater detail shortly.} (Note by editor: these items are still under study at Harvard where there is agreement with these comments; one item depicted is apparently an early form of Torquetum, an analog computer employing a plumb bob and circular scales, used in the study of planetary motion along the elliptic. Dr. Sentiel Rommel is developing a replica.)?.

Item E best resembles illustrations of early astrolabes. (Note by the Editor: the hieroglyphic text accompanying this figure is believed to read ?Number reckoner of the Delta astronomer?; and Harvard scientists developed a wood model based on the sketch, calibrated to give time by night, the position of the zodiacal constellations at all hours for all days of the year, the daily correction of correction of cross staff zenith angle to yield latitude, and the daily position of the sun on the ecliptic. This model will be published after further study by Dr. Sentiel Rommel.)??

The mention of Delta intrigues me. I know the Great Pyramid produces Delta wave form energy and I believe most astrolabes were in tune with the cosmic and earth energy. Based on metallurgical analysis we know the astrolabe found in Wisconsin dates to the same era or earlier than the Antikythera. There are two perfect tetrahedra in the Great Pyramid and the energy flowing around and over (or through) it causes changing effects which may be discernable in other key locations on the Earth Energy Grid where many have shown the same harmonic vibration does exist. The Mayan people built their city centers on these key points. Masons build stele in the middle of existing roads in the Nova Scotia Grid tied in with Oak Island. I think we can imagine these technologies may account for the two sidereal charts of the heavens (along with recently discovered lenses in various parts of the world) inside the Great Pyramid. That means there was this kind of technology around approximately 80,000 years ago because each sidereal chart of Sirius (AKA - polar wander path) takes almost 26,000 years to observe.
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