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Sitchin Cultists

09-15-2015, 02:05 AM #1
Robert Baird
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Have you seen Niburu cults or sites promoting such crap offering to do readings for money? Caveat Emptor!

Sitchin was following the myth-makers who borrowed myths and lied to make themselves powerful. You can read a detailed scholarly attempt to prove these Dragon aliens (serpent cults etc) in Genesis of the Grail Kings by Sir Laurence Gardner. He switched sides and went with science and fact - but you can believe Sitchin who lied about the translations of Sumerian records if you want.

Oannes in those myths is said to be a fish man who brought all culture to Sumer. But it is obvious no fish man exists and would not have arrived in space craft. He is an allegory for the Sea People who in fact gave all Mediterranean colonies of theirs the languages and alphabets. That is academic fact!


It is actually in their records where Sumer was colonized from - Dilmun. This is most probably Jubail (Dubai) and you will find the Sea People there selling ocean-going ships in 2850 BCE to another colony of theirs - Egypt. The World Book Encyclopedia under ship building is my source.

Here is more including current translator software for the language of Sumer which was not very advanced. Cuneiform like Hieroglyphics is more of a tally system. Better and more communicative languages existed many millennia earlier including in the savannah which is now a desert called the Sahara before the Great Pyramid of Iesa was built. See Flinders-Petrie in his book The Formation of the Alphabet. I saw Sitchin on a panel of prelates trying to ride on the coat-tails of the Catholic or other scholars once. It was clear to me he hoped to make money - and we now know his translations were either ignorant or outright lies.