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Urantia Christians

09-13-2015, 06:14 PM #1
Robert Baird
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Urantia - a UFO cult like the Bible
Once a fraud works it gets repeated by con men or grifters.

I recall meeting with two men in Indianapolis around 1982, who wanted me to join a study group on the Urantia Book. I often wondered what kind of Hell I might have been in if I had gotten caught up in this pseudo-scientific re-working of Christendom. It is possible they really understood what Yeshua Bar Joseph and his family studied for many millennia. I might have bought that if they had the goods - but alas they seemed all too much like other proselytes even if a lot less dogmatic.


The probability that it is a dangerous cult is very high.

UFO CULTS - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

Cults don't start out rich, they scam their small group of followers out of as much cash ...... The Urantia Book's view of science, philosophy, and religion is perhaps the ..... and fold carefully into pseudo-rational physics and mathematical jargon, ...


In the original language "the meek" was "the mensch". Mensches are good people who try to do the right thing. Meek on the other hand are sheople or slaves - which makes them doomed to repeat past errors and not learn. They are fodder for cults and cons.


Here is a martial arts or Karate zen blog that carried one of my articles dealing with CONs. The Kime of Karate is attunement of a very advanced sort. I will post the article in full briefly -there are a couple of typos I want to correct.


Most people who are believers (in anything) are probably not well aware of how their opinions are generated. Our schools are media outlets for claptrap and worse. Our media is a joke - George Orwell was bang on about 1984. People really don't want to hear about Persinger working to collect mental images from enough people to allow his masters (Jack Verona of the D.I.A. which has a budget bigger than the C.I.A.) to project alien abduction thoughts through the earth to people over large areas of that earth. People want to believe "everyone has a right to their opinion" - "evolution is just a theory" - "whatever works for you, doesn't mean squat to me" - "I learned everything I need at school and on the knee of my grandpappy".

I think I have put enough confessional material (Fukayama for one) and factual material before people regarding the use of religion and the so-called occult to control people throughout history. I don't know if people believe they had a remote killing weapon in the time of the Borgia Popes (The tepaphone) or that the staffs of Moses were part of the same genre. Hell I don't even know if there are any humans here who can think anymore. Snowden has his people protected with a Faraday cage to interfere with and neutralize incoming energy. In the past there were things the mind of an adept could do - but HAARP and satellites plus ground based Frequency Fence technology has the ability to make any adept unable to breathe - if not now; by 2020.