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Covert War between China & U.S.?

09-12-2015, 02:31 PM #1
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Contrary to popular belief/disinfo, the chemical explosions in China didn't stop at Tianjin.  There were two  others in the Shandong region & another  explosion in the Zhejiang province making four  blasts total:


Then there was a seemingly retaliatory explosion which hit a US munitions storage building in Tokyo, Japan:


Now China seems to be rattling its sabres:

chinese-navy-ships-sail-in-bering-sea just off Alaskan coast

Considering all the above, some journalists find it hard not to connect the dots:


I'd love to put my blinders on & ignore all this but I just can't.   Undecided



How do they get the "m" on the M&M?
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09-12-2015, 04:13 PM #2
Thy Unveiling
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Thanks for sharing, Pebbles! I was unaware of this. I kinda like being a bit of an ostrich. But seeing this here...*sigh* how many wars going on at once are there now? How long before it all collaborates into WW3? Sad

09-18-2015, 10:45 AM #3
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Nice one    Smile

IMO, this has been going on for some time before Tianjin, although the timing of the nuke at Tianjin was impeccable.
It was not a warehouse explosion housing chemicals as Chinese media would have us believe. It was a mini nuke. I have enough info on it and it got me banned off another cpl websites.
did you know about the west coast USA dock strikes a month before? the chinese own pretty much all these so perhaps that was a show of economic strength against USA..

Then there was the disappearance of MH370. Malaysian Airlines so no big deal..... but heres the kicker... more than 20 chinese engineers from a Defense IT/Semiconductor company (who just announced a major breakthrough in tech)  onboard ( 2 out of 3 CEO's onboard)... who is the 3rd CEO and only remaining shareholder - of a billion dollar company?   and why did the owner of the insurance company who insures Malaysian Airlines sell 1,000,000 shares the week before the incident?
I couldn't make this shit up if i wanted to   Sad

Personally, I think what we are witnessing is not so much Government activity but Rogue/Private contractors doing the bidding/dirty tricks of very powerful bankers who are above government.

Tianjin was a mini-nuke delivered by container, it exploded just inside the main gate at about 11.30pm and also took the main fire station out for Tianjin Port. There was no warehouse at this location, the nuke left a crater of approx 250 feet diameter by 40 feet deep.

I didn't follow the shandong chemical plant explosions as I immediately knew that these were a follow on, same with the Japan munitions magazine....however that looked a bit staged to me.... munitions stores go off in a uncontrolled sequence with lotsof sporadic explosions.... not as in that video... just sayin

sorry im a ramblin       Smile.
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09-18-2015, 12:34 PM #4
Robert Baird
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So, China has agencies who lie? EVERY nation does, and they have a nuke program - so what?

There is always a reason why people do what they do - start with The Opium War (Russells) and go from there. Check out how the US put bugs in every plane Boeing delivered to China a few years ago.

What we need is a major overhaul of Sovereign Rights which the Club of Athens says comes directly from The Treaty of Westphalia (also I say Rerum Novarum and the Treaty of Verona). They make a call for these changes but you will never see anything about them and most people could not read the Treaty to ascertain what it was about. They will be found saying it caused a separation of church and state while maintianing some religious freedom - hogwash! It maintained the Divine Right of Kings and Manifest Destiny at a time when people were about to end all religion - which the French shortly thereafter did do and seized all church assets.
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09-20-2015, 10:36 PM #5
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Also, China as chosen Russia as it's proxy for the War. WHen Europe collapses, China will buy European states just like it did African one by leveraging fake paper money with the AAIB just like the US would with the IMF.

It's going to be just like a great Monopoly game, first one to build Hotel wins...

Don't talk about CHina, talk about Ukraine, Russia, Iran and Syria


Also the US market is about to get it with Alibaba and the 40 thieves (wink wink)
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09-23-2015, 06:30 PM #6
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So now the President of China is here in the U.S.  I'm glad of it, though not sure what's really  being discussed.  But hopefully this will ease past tensions between the U.S. & China:

Xi Jinping Pledges to Work With U.S. to Stop Cybercrimes

How do they get the "m" on the M&M?