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Great Zimbabwe

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Robert Baird
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Great Zimbabwe

There are 45,000 year old mines near this once great urban center. I think the Phoenician/Kelt/ and Cretan (all the same people as are all whites the further back you go) are responsible but 45,000 years pre-dates white people and thus I favor the Ainu or DNN as the original mine engineers. There are Greek or Cretan motif here and on the Aran Islands which were part of the landmass we now call Ireland. As to no blacks engaging in major engineering - I think Professor Bernal (Black Athena) and I would say the Olmec were part of the Phoenician complex mentioned above. They had 18% negroid people and the Costa Rican spheres and La Venta heads are only now being studied after decades of lies.

 "The whole subject of non-Negroid influence in East and Southern Africa before the coming of the Bantu is a very wide one. The evidence to be culled from rock paintings and engravings alone is something of the greatest importance in this respect. I have, however, rigorously confined myself to the civilisation alone. In this I have found myself on the side of Professors Keane, Dart, Galloway, and the other distinguished scholars who have been forced by the sheer weight of facts to reject a Bantu origin for Zimbabwe. I have not, however, in reluctantly pursuing the task of showing how impossible the pro-Bantu concept is, felt it necessary to present an historic ethnology of Southern Africa.

 What is so astonishing is that, faced with a huge complex of irrigation terraces at Inyanga and the size of those megalithic sites which obviously required such an agricultural organisation to feed their inhabitants, anyone should have irresponsibly plunged into the development of a theory of independent Bantu evolution of this civilisation. It is completely out of character of the Bantu and has no justification from other Negroid parts of Africa past or present. Irrigation is limited to the Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Amerindian peoples. The Negroes never have possessed the technical knowledge nor expended labour in such massive enterprises. Irrigation is a characteristic of ancient Egypt, Arabia, Abyssinia, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley civilisation, of Iran, Turkestan, Syria and the Mediterranean countries, of Malaysia, Indo-China, China and the Meso-American civilisations. In the face of such facts sufficient warning was provided for those who have sought to deny the obvious and create this Bantu myth by claiming that,
 "It is a myth which was not created by the Bantu themselves, who have never made such claims, but is the work of modern European writers."

 But Mutwa, a Zulu, who has written two large works on the traditions of the Bantu, categorically states his people were not responsible for this civilisation, which he attributes to a white people he calls the Ma-iti. It is my view that the case presented is unanswerable in so far as it destroys the concept that this civilisation is due to the Bantu. Whether I have correctly identified those to whom the civilisation is to be attributed may well be arguable as there are so many peoples involved.[...]"


 The ancient people who traveled the whole Earth had a technology which integrated the Earth Energy Grid (Gaia and later Pentagon Dodecahedron - see Many threads), astrology and the planetary influences which starts with the sun (see Heliopolitan thread), and simple pendulums such as used by psychometry and modern witches. These astrolabes like the Antikythera enabled the finding of metals and minerals or jewels (sometimes used as lenses as proven at La Venta, Mexico). The period before smelting made these things most (I emphasize) valuable. When did smelting begin? It may not matter when some people got that secret (see Dolni Vestonici of 29,000 years ago) but it does matter that most secrets, maps and books were of great value and later were destroyed by Hellenizers seeking to make YOU think aliens invented or brought all manner of sciences to Earth as they wrote and ripped off or incorporated earlier legends into books like the Bible.

 Threads such as Pre-Neolithic Calendars, Keltic Seafaring, Ancient Navigational Equipment, Shamans and Consciousness, Ptolemy's Harmonic, Abaris (Rabbi) the Druid, Earth Energy Grid and The Bermuda Triangle, Omega Stations, The third Eye and Tesla threads and many others have supportive science and facts to examine.
 Archaeological evidences are in so many threads I will miss many in remembering. Topper, Hueyatlaco, Inyo, Paraiba Stones, Lyoness, Acambaro, 1,000,000 years before Atlantis, Ainu, Malta, Sybaris, Etruria, and Tartessus, Ogham and Aymara, Mummies Alive, Phoenicians, Yonaguni and Frauds, The Great Pyramid of Iesa, The Great White Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen, The Incas and the Prince of Palenque, Baidarka and the Aleut Route to Lake Superior, etc.

 Here is an Asian site using one article of mine which addresses the above.


 Then search for Mungo Man, Denisovan Man, the Hobbit, Bruce Cathie, Munck, Ivan Sanderson, Coleman, Dr. Don Robins and the Dragon Project, Christopher Dunn and even Martin Bernal. But Charles Hapgood and other flakes like John Anthony West, Von Daniken and Sitchin have lied and like Zahi Hawass they are proven wrong or worse.
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