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Free Will in a Box

09-10-2015, 02:01 PM #1
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I had a thought the other day, that I felt would be worth sharing. When people say that they exercise free will, what do they mean?

The old question is whether or not we are free to do as we wish at any point in our lives and create our own destiny, or if our lives are wrapped up in the machinations of one who is greater than us. Are we autonomous agents or unwitting servants? Are our lives our own?

If someone tells you that they are their own person, that makes their own decisions on the way to their own destiny that they are creating. Then what that person is really telling you is that, they know exactly who they are (you have to know who you are to know what your doing), and somehow they chose their own existence before birth.

Think about it, if you really had free will in this world then that precludes the fact that before your life started you chose to be 'here' as well. If you didn't choose to be on earth before you were born, then you are akin to a kidnapping victim who gets bumped on the head and wakes up in a cage in the basement of some sketchy guy. Sure you can do whatever you want from inside the cage, but you can't go to McDonald's and you certainly can't go home. The only way that you being in that cage can be considered an act of free will is if you chose to follow that guy into his basement (also assuming you weren't tricked).

To truly have free will in this universe you would have had to choose to be here. If you were placed here by a more powerful entity by force or coercion, then you cannot have free will, only will.

Furthermore, just the fact that your thoughts don't become reality immediately without any kind of physical action means that you are not in complete control of your circumstances. The fact that you will die regardless of your wishes means that your life is not your own, much like taking a loan, you have to give the money back no matter how much you don't want to. Indeed life seems much more borrowed than owned, and the type of will we have come to associate with free will, seems like the will of one in a box.

Although I suppose all of this depends on your definition of free will. Does free will mean that your will is free to do whatever it wants without opposition, or does it mean that you are free to make a willful decision about a problem that gets in your way? Does having free will mean having no problems because you can just will them away? Or does free will require there to be problems in your life so you can choose how to deal with them?

Is free will about creating your reality, or dealing with your reality? Creation or reaction to creation?

Does an omnipotent, omniscient being have free will? If you could will anything to happen, would you will anything to happen already knowing the outcome?

If you were the ultimate being that has known everything, what is the only way that you would be able to find relief as the bearer of every burden, the recipient of all goodwill, and the witness to everything? A being that knows everything and can do everything has no free will. Having free will means not knowing the outcome of your will, but doing it anyways. Having free will means reveling in ignorance. If you know the outcome to every action, then your decisions are already made. You will obviously choose the right decision (hence, no free will).

If you already know the answer to a question why would you ask it? And wouldn't life be boring if you couldn't flex your will?

nod to the 'Did God Get Bored' thread.

"You can find in a text whatever you bring, if you will stand between it and the mirror of your imagination. You may not see your ears, but they will be there." - Moral, by the Cat
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09-10-2015, 02:27 PM #2
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(09-10-2015, 02:01 PM)HongKongHoward Wrote:  all of this depends on your definition

herein lies the typical ridiculous error. what matters is not a person's fairy tale thinking but the actual definition of something.
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09-10-2015, 06:33 PM #3
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You need to refer to another thread (Free will and Destiny) http://vigilantcitizen.com/forums/Thread-Free-will-vs-Destiny

You might find your answers there or more questions my pop up...
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09-10-2015, 10:27 PM #4
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I think you are probably right there, its free will with limitations so therefore not really free will is it!

I often wonder if the thoughts in my head are actually my own or if they are put there, then I wonder if they really were put there by some outside force or influence that I cant see then would I really even be questioning this in the first place then I wonder maybe they made me think that too. Its like another one of these impossible questions really! All we can do is contemplate it but never know for sure, the contemplation of any of it could just be another thought pushed on you, just to keep fucking around with you!

I really am beginning to think this is all just one big joke, somebody out there, up there or whatever is just playing us all either that or they are playing all the ones that really exist and everyone else is just there to fill up the space to make it all more realistic and possible!
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09-11-2015, 06:36 AM #5
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This reminds me of another concept that our thought is material and everything we have is a result of our strong wish to have it. When someone rich, successful, happy, healthy says it - it sounds inspiring. But I just don't buy the idea that starving, ill, ugly, unhappy people have been constantly dreaming about such life.
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