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Erin Brockovich claims EPA 'lied about millions of gallons of toxic waste

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"Environmental activist Erin Brockovich has accused U.S. authorities of lying about how much toxic wastewater spilled from a Colorado mine and fouled rivers in three Western states.
Brockovich, made famous by the Oscar-winning movie in which she was portrayed by Julia Roberts, sensationally claimed 'millions and millions of gallons' was spilt.
Her allegation came during a visit to the nation's largest American Indian reservation, where she saw the damage and met with Navajo Nation leaders and farmers affected by last month's spill."

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This came out either the day of or the day after the spill. Apparently a reason to funnel more money into the EPA.

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Does not surprise me ONE bit. Anybody with half a brain could look at that water and see the concentration of the chemicals. Think of it this way; imagine the biggest swimming pool you have ever seen, now imagine how much food-coloring you would have to use to turn it SOLID orange. I don't believe a word anyone says anymore.  they say 3 million gallons, I automatically assume 300,000,000. It just sickens/saddens me to see people follow so blindly.
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