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The FBI and Insane Dogma

09-06-2015, 02:01 AM #1
Robert Baird
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I am not all for the FBI and their analysis after seeing what they did to their expert (O'Neill who died later exactly where he said they would strike.) on the CBC show Passionate Eye and researching the matter long before Shrub took office.


"Mr. Al-Marayati equated FBI teachings with al Qaida’s rhetoric of hate (law enforcement agents are on “opposite sides of the same coin of hate”), threatened that Muslims will stop cooperating with the US government (“it will undermine the relationship between law enforcement and the Muslim-American community”) and distorted the facts (“baseless…claims” contained in FBI manuals), in order to accomplish this dirty deed. The sinister point that Mr. Al-Marayati makes is his insinuation that the harsh realities of Islam visible around the world today are based upon an Islamic religious jurisprudence which has no bearing on the workings of al Qaida, even as Jihad remains a pillar of all Muslim believers.

More outrageously Mr. Al-Marayati suggested that “Muslim leaders, not FBI agents, can more effectively battle al Qaida’s destructive ideas.” He justifies this by citing several incidents where Muslim-Americans have informed our government of the plots by fellow Muslims to help foil those attempts and lead to arrests. By this example alone, Mr. Al-Marayati actually proves the legitimacy of the FBI training language he wants expunged. A man named Antonio Martinez, a convert to Islam (not to Al Qaida) allegedly tries to blow up a military recruitment center and his whereabouts were given to law enforcement by the Maryland Muslim community. Martinez was not a Muslim fundamentalist or Al Qaida member, proving the FBI does indeed need correct and accurate information about devout Muslims, their beliefs and their community.

After Mr. Al-Marayati buried himself with his own argument, he brazenly concludes that America law enforcement must depend on Muslim leaders alone for their information. Mr. Al-Marayati expects American national security at its highest level to be placed in the hands of a “task force” of “experts” who worship and practice from the same book as Al Qaida agents and have the same loyalties – all in the guise of promoting tolerance. He will get his way in this as well. The Muslim Public Affairs Council and CAIR have prevailed against the American people.

As an American, Mr. Al-Marayati should be considered a traitor to his country since he has propagated false impressions leading to the disarming and disabling of US counter-terrorism. His efforts should have been dismissed by US officials as paranoid at best, but instead were rewarded with a setback for national security – removing facts needed to fight terror (ironically as a bonus to him, facts in and of themselves now deemed a threat to national security), jeopardizing the safety of America, and demoralizing American self-defense.

Al-Marayati and his cohorts have succeeded in expunging the “insults” about Islam from the training manuals because this is more important than expunging dangerous elements from the country. Muslim supremacy, emanating from the victimhood complex inside America’s emergent Islamic community, impacts our courts, hijacks academia, and patrols free speech. So far Islamic leaders, out front and pro-active, encounter relatively little resistance from Americans just now beginning to detect the danger.

Will Americans settle for a repressed society governed by political correctness waiting for Islam to build a stronghold inside our country? Immigrants living in America having once been subject to Islamic law are much more cautious than those who were born into freedom and have only known the freedom of the West. Take the word of the Copt living in America; the signs of Jihad are everywhere, seeking to dismantle our liberty and way of life. It is the Copt living in America who will speak the truth having lived it never allowing the falsehoods of Islam to dominate."
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10-19-2015, 06:39 AM #2
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Ready for a good laugh? EXCLUSIVE: British son of Hollywood movie director, 26, is revealed as bloodthirsty star of al-Qaeda propaganda videos after converting from Catholicism and smuggling himself to Syria



People who surrender their former religious beliefs have got to be some of the smartest and bravest people in the world because they set out to find truth even while under the threat of "eternal damnations". George Carlin