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05-26-2015, 08:50 PM #1
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New to the VC Forums? Tell us a little about yourself!
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05-27-2015, 11:56 AM #2
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Name is Marco and i live in Germany

34 years Old, Believe in Jesus Christ.
Suffered severe multiple Traumatic Expierences in my Past, became "different", at some point wasnt sure anymore who i was "Personality".

Saw this site, not the first time i heard that it is possible that Trauma Victims might suffer under Muliple personalities in order to Cop with there situation or escape from Reality. But after i found this site, it is the first time i concidered that i might be suffering undere that same Spiritual or Soulish Problem.

And ye....about 2 years ago i found this site and its true, this site convinced me that i the Human Soul is capple of doing things "Hide" "Change" "React" that is out of the norm. There are still things that happen to me that Triggers the "Spirit that is able to Cop with the Problem" but then i turn to Jesus and say "this isnt true, im hurting or afraid or in pain, fear ect....." its tough facing reality wenn you lived a life that dumbs this things.

Thanks for the Site, really helped alote.
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05-27-2015, 12:27 PM #3
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Hello everyone, my name is Ann (but I prefer Sabetha), just turned 26, born, raised and living in Belgium. I love to read, write, do fun stuff with friends, the normal things in life. I dropped out of university some years back and started working in a sandwhichbar, but at the moment I'm studying again. I almost made it through my second year of nursing school without any problems.

I always had what I call 'an old soul', I wish I could describe it better but I can't. This makes me (over)think a lot, I'm susceptible for depression and drug abuse. Life always seemed to be a little harder for me.

Almost a year ago, I found out about conspiracy theories, trauma-based mind control and all the other stuff. It completely changed my view on everything, and although it was hard for me to open my eyes, I'm glad for knowing. Sadly enough, none of my friends share the same ideas, and I honestly believe it's better to find out something by yourself instead of being informed by someone else. So in my opinion, this forums is a great idea for all us vigilant people to get to know each other and exchange experiences and ideas.

VC, thank you SO much for every article. I check your website and others daily, and I must say: a big, big heads up for being this strong.
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05-27-2015, 12:36 PM #4
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I am an awake millennial. Awake to the state of our real world.

It took the majority of my life to realize I was once asleep, it took a major life altering event to wake me up.

Despite the imperfections of my constant life, (past and present) I am aware that these things must take place in order for me to be where I am at now (present, yes even now this very moment you are reading this).

And it was not until recently, that I discovered that we all must go through this, and not only that we all must go through it but we have the willful choice to do so, as well as influence others (for good or bad, again our choice).

My willful choice is for good. I know that I am loved by a mighty, grand creator. And this love is indescribable, but its real and I can see it, feel it, and I know it through the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I am a loyal reader and occasional commenter on VC, as it was where I started my dive into the rabbit hole ... so to say, and has helped me along the way. You can read more on my website, where I am currently drafting content to publish as well as the possibility of having other writers submit content onto the site as well. Forgive the mess, it is still in the stages of construction which will soon complete.

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05-27-2015, 01:40 PM #5
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Hi All!

My name is Jennifer, and I'm a science fiction writer living in NY. Long time VC reader and excited about the new forum!
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Hi all! I am Christopher, I am new to the forum section but definitely not new to the site. I'm 35 years old and I live in Costa Rica.

I came to this place by coincidence... I don't remember the exact time but I recall I was looking for info about Rihanna's "Umbrella" video which many people deemed as satanic and Illuminati. Among the results in Google, there was VC, proudly standing as one of the first results. I read the whole analysis and I loved the site ever since. To my surprise, I found some articles related to Britney Spears Heart , a girl that I love soooooooo much but that unfortunately has been part of all this disgrace of manipulation and control in some way or another. I was regularly looking for this kind of creepy, mysterious side of music, subliminal messages, satanic imagery and the like because I love music and it's very important for me to be aware of the kind of stuff I listen to and enjoy. So VC became a great ally in fulfilling this purpose.

I am christian and absolutely believe in God, but at the same time, I like to have an open mind and give the benefit of the doubt to many things I see, even to articles posted in this site. As a result of this I have had many comments voted negatively because I question many of the things discussed... not because I support them, but again, I give the benefit of the doubt to some things I perhaps can't see myself even if they are right in front of my nose. I try not to be gullible and naive, I prefer to question things myself and even feel free to disagree to some of the opinions shared here, even by VC. Still, I love the site and I never post anything in hopes to offend or mistreat anyone... I just believe we all have the right to manifest a different point of view.

I am a regular guy, I actually have a rock band and play the drums in it. I am soo much into rock/metal music, Britney and Mariah Carey are my guilty pleasures.

I know this world is coming to an end and anyone with the slightest knowledge of the Word of God knows that the end times are near... at the doors. Many of the things shared here let us know that definitely the way for Antichrist is being paved out and that it is just a matter of time to have a lot of bad things to happen in this Earth. May God have mercy on all of us!

Best regards to everyone. And thanks VC for opening this window of the forums to all of us Big Grin
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05-27-2015, 01:51 PM #7
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Hello all,
I'm Just G and live in Canada. I'm also a Christian. I don't get a lot of time to read everything on VC, but have been subscribed to the site for a while now.

I wouldn't call myself left or right. I don't think either position really covers it all for everyone; partisan politics is one of the biggest problems we endure.
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05-27-2015, 02:48 PM #8
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Hi all,

Lone Wolf here from Switzerland.  Smile

I'm also a long term VC visitor. It's great to see how far the site has come - well done, VC.
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05-27-2015, 02:56 PM #9
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hey y'all...this is Si from England..
great V C. has got this forum together. Really hope it isn't abused and proves ever educational and useful.
I've been a self educated theorist for some time now...I'm 46 and had a pretty traumatic childhood with an absent never met father, a mentally ill mother ( witnessed her with the effects of ect from the age of 7) and a commando step father..began experimenting with drugs at 16 ( had amazing 3rd eye opening experiences with mushrooms and lsd ) and realized the world was based upon lies but thought for years and years I was actually delusional...my research henceforth linked me up with dozens of educators, V C being but one. However, I feel much more parallel with V C, he compounds my views in his eloquent way.

Look forward to spending a good few hours here
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05-27-2015, 03:08 PM #10
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I am Dok, this is my website : http://endtimesandcurrentevents.freesmfh.../index.php

I was once the moderator for Alex Jones forum, but was banned when i connected him to the Jesuits and the Catholic church by the new age moderators on his forum. So i do not nkow the full truth about AJ, what i do know is to not trust the mods on AJ's web site. I do know them and they are not Christian in any way shape or form.

I believe the Bible, the KJV Bible. And am not ashamed about it.

I love the VC sites and forums, been a long time follower. Glad they are back, anyhting else you want ot know come to my site and ask. Big Grin
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