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Reverse Psychology at its best! Jim Carrey mocks the Conspiracy Theorists

Nov 18th, 2014 | By

So Jim Carrey made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his movie “Dumb and Dumber To”. He told everyone […]

Yet another reminder that Big Brother is watching…RIP MLK

Nov 15th, 2014 | By

I will keep my summary succinct, as the video speaks for itself. In addition to  the terrifyingly accurate articles on […]

Beyonce’s creepy brainwashed behaviour at Brooklyn game

Nov 6th, 2014 | By

  Beyonce acting as if she’s completely unaware of anything around her. Her hypnotic/rhythmic swinging side to side and ever […]

Puerto Rico “US Lab 2″

Nov 3rd, 2014 | By

This year marked the 116th anniversary of the U.S. armed forces’ invasion of the island of Puerto Rico. Since the […]

Modern Scientific Community – The New Church & How Technology Is A Drug Part IV

Oct 23rd, 2014 | By

Previous Articles Part I (Modern Scientific Community – The New Church) Part II (What Is The Scientific Method?) Part III […]

Television: What the Heck is Going on Here

Oct 7th, 2014 | By

Television; many believe it is one of the most practical and effective forms of visually educating the masses. Others find […]

Please Stay Vigilant. Share The Word.

Sep 30th, 2014 | By

We Must Be Strong. The words “Illuminati” and “Elite” are no longer underground jargon. Today the words are used so […]

Age of Melancholic Beauty & Turmoil

Aug 28th, 2014 | By

Though this world tears us apart We’re still together in my heart I want the world to hear my cry […]

2014 Emmy Awards – Best Psychopath of the Year

Aug 21st, 2014 | By

Benny and Kevin from JoyCamp present the award for “Outstanding Psychopath of the Year” at the 2014 Emmy Awards. We’re […]

Satan in the Hindu Scriptures

Aug 20th, 2014 | By

I have studied in particular the Hindu philosophy of the Gita and other major philosophical works. I have further studied the Vabishya […]