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The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. III)

Aug 16th, 2013 | By

In the third and final part of this series on Eyes Wide Shut, we’ll look at Bill’s journey as a […]

The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. II)

Jul 18th, 2013 | By

The second part of this series of articles on Eyes Wide Shut takes a closer look at the elite secret […]

The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. I)

Jul 8th, 2013 | By

“Eyes Wide Shut” was promoted as a steamy, suspenseful movie starring the “It” couple of the day: Tom Cruise and […]

“Hide and Seek”: The Most Blatant Movie About Monarch Mind Control Ever?

Apr 4th, 2013 | By

“Hide and Seek” is a 2005 thriller movie that did not get great reviews at the time of its release. […]

“Prometheus”: A Movie About Alien Nephilim and Esoteric Enlightenment

Jan 27th, 2013 | By

The science fiction movie “Prometheus” explores theories on the origins of humanity and their relation to extra-terrestrial visitors. While most […]

“The Cabin in the Woods”: A Movie Celebrating the Elite’s Ritual Sacrifices

Oct 9th, 2012 | By

“The Cabin in the Woods” is a widely successful horror film that also obtained great critical acclaim. While many appreciated […]

The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media

Aug 29th, 2012 | By

“Videodrome” is an 80’s science fiction horror film that contains some gore, James Woods and Betamax videotapes. Above all, the […]

“Gravity Falls”: A New Disney TV Show Loaded With Illuminati Symbolism

Jul 13th, 2012 | By
This frame flashes for literally a split second at the end of the intro. We can easily recognize the Illuminati pyramid with illuminated capstone and All-Seeing eye, along with other alchemical and magical symbols. Also, there's the Contra code on NES, which is rather hilarious.

The many articles on this site attempt to prove that the same set of symbols – those of the ruling […]

The Esoteric Symbolism of the Viral Video “I, Pet Goat II”

Jul 9th, 2012 | By

“I, Pet Goat II” is a computer animated video that is loaded with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the […]

The Hidden Symbolic Meaning of the Movie “2012”

May 13th, 2012 | By

The disaster movie “2012” is about the near-total destruction of planet Earth in accordance with predictions made by Ancient Mayans, […]